The pre-sale box office of "Tang Detective 3" exceeded 340 million. When did "Tang Detective" continue to be popular after a year?

The pre-sale box office of “Tang Detective 3” exceeded 340 million. When did “Tang Detective” continue to be popular after a year?

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The Spring Festival stall battle is coming soon! Among the seven films in the Spring Festival stall, “Detective Chinatown 3” was a great success. As of February 8, the pre-sale box office of the film exceeded 340 million, leading the Spring Festival stall. If nothing else, this year’s Spring Festival stall box office The champion is it.

It’s not easy for “Tang Detective 3” to be today. As a film to be released during the Spring Festival in 2020, it took a full year to be released. In 2020, opponents like “囧 Ma” will be broadcast on the Internet. , “Emergency Rescue”, “Win the Championship” and “Jiang Ziya” will be released in other schedules. Only “Tang Detective 3” “assumed that the green mountains will not relax”, after a full year, finally met with the audience.

Of course, there are market considerations, but more is the creator’s confidence in the quality of the film. So what is the reason for “Tang Detective 3” so popular?

1. The first Chinese original IP to create “Tang Tan Universe”

In 2015, the first “Detective Chinatown” was born. The shell of comedy, the core of reasoning, and the strong Southeast Asian style made the audience shine, and they realized that domestic comedy movies can be so advanced and genre movies can be so. Engage.

“Tang Detective 1” established the style and narrative mode of the series of IP, but from it we also need to see the ambition of the film’s creator. Perhaps the director Chen Sicheng was already thinking about what should be filmed in the lower part when filming the first part, and even further expanded to The possibility of “Tang Exploring the Universe”.

At the end of the first film, the little girl Sinuo gave a ghostly smile, behind the scenes the identity of the black hand Q and Qin Feng’s growth experience, the “perfect crime” and the conversion of good and evil are buried in the movie, which has become a foreshadowing throughout the present “Tang Tan” 3″.

By the second part of the series, the ambition of creating “Tang Tan Universe” is even more obvious. In this episode, Qin Feng and Tang Ren came to Chinatown in the United States, the film became larger, and “Tang Detective Universe” was also shown to the audience. “Tang Detective 2” introduced the “crimaster world famous detective rankings” and became a follow-up detective. The assembled “heroes”, and more detectives also appeared in the film, outside Tang Ren, Qin Feng, as well as Japanese detective Noda Hao, mysterious Song Yi, Thai detective Lin Mo and so on.

At the beginning of 2020, Tang Tan’s web drama was launched, playing the “movie-drama linkage”, and there were also roles such as Lin Mo, IVY, and Five Great Smart. It also further drove viewers of online dramas to pay attention to Tang Tan’s films, which made the popularity of “Tang Tan 3” continue to rise. Over the past few years, “Tang Tan” has become one of the most famous original IPs in Chinese. If you refer to Marvel, every A detective is like a superhero, they can be alone and can assemble into an army, both big movies and online dramas.

As a result, the “chain link” effect is produced. No matter which movie you “enter into the pit”, you have to keep watching. In the entire Chinese movie, only the Tang Detective series can play this way.

2. A strong creative team guarantees the quality of the movie

A good work is inseparable from a strong team. Although “Tang Detective” is an IP created by Chen Sicheng, he alone cannot control such a large volume of “Tang Tan Universe”, and it needs a strong master creator. The team, and this team also gives Tang Tan series unlimited vitality.

Chen Sicheng once said about his method of creating stories, “I will let everyone draw up the outline separately, and then submit the screenwriters who do not perform well, and they may be eliminated. Except for the jury meeting composed of three or four partners, we The script will be sent to the group for everyone to judge together, and the one with the lowest score may be eliminated.” In this way, the survival of the fittest mechanism allows each of Tang Tan’s reasoning stories to maintain a relatively high level, which also ensures This series can recruit talents and continue to produce.

The same is true for the director team. Chen Sicheng has been promoting new talents for several years and injecting fresh blood into the “Tang Detective” series. For example, the 2020 “Tang Detective” web drama will be directed by four different directors, divided into three. Part, with different styles, including horror + suspense, love + suspense, and youth + suspense, showing the uniqueness of each director.

Among these new directors, Ke Wenli is the best example. He not only directed Tang Tan Wang, but was also the director of “Manslaughter”. With the help of Chen Sicheng, he has grown into a director who can be his own.

Constantly replenishing fresh blood, keeping the entire series at a high level, constantly innovating, and establishing the trust of the audience.

It is reported that after directing “Tang Detective 3”, Chen Sicheng will no longer serve as the director of this series, and “Tang Detective Universe” will continue. There will be more detective single films and more online dramas. With the release of the movie, I believe that in the future “Tang Tan Universe” will become richer and more exciting.

3. There are not many strong players in the Spring Festival this year

This year’s Spring Festival file can also be described as “Fight of the Immortals”, but compared to last year’s Spring Festival file, “Tang Detective 3” does not have many opponents.

In the Spring Festival last year, there were not only the sequel of the series “囧 Ma”, the last “Emergency Rescue” of Lin Chaoxian’s “Action Trilogy”, and the “Win the Championship” which embodies the national memory, riding on the east wind of “Nezha”. The high-profile “Jiang Ziya” is “very good.”

The quality of each film in the Spring Festival this year should not be bad, but there are not so many highlights. “Come on, Li Huanying” is adapted from the skit of the same name and takes “tears in laughter”, but as the first film directed by Jia Ling, Her director ability still needs to be tested. Judging from the content of the story, it is also a traditional comedy of crossing the stalk. There are not many surprises.

“Assassination of Novelists” and “Order of the Samurai” are both generalized magical themes, focusing on visual effects, but the audiences of both original novels and mobile games are somewhat narrow, not reaching the height of the national IP of “Tang Detective”.

There is also “Sturbulent Crowd”, starring Andy Lau, Wan Qian, Xiao Yang, the cast is very eye-catching, but in terms of scale, it cannot be compared with the above-mentioned several films, it can be regarded as a medium-scale movie that wins by story.

In general comparison, “Tang Detective 3” is the best choice for the Spring Festival, but whether the movie looks good or not, you still need to go to the movie to check it yourself.


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