When I was writing about my wishes when I was young, I always described the postman in a green suit. But such memories may become history. Therefore, starting from March this year at the earliest, all postmen in Taiwan will put on new summer uniforms and will say goodbye to the past “Ninja Turtles.”

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: No longer green from beginning to end!Postman’s new summer uniform unveiled
Written by: Chen Weizhi Max

Some people think that the postman’s green look is related to the current ruling party. However, green became the representative color of the post office since the Qing Dynasty, when it was still based on the design of the French postal system. Taiwan’s postman uniforms have also undergone several revisions in the past, but this time it has changed the most.

The current uniforms are actually very promising, they are designed by a design company that designs high-speed rail uniforms. However, the field staff said that although the version was upright, it was not airtight and quite stuffy, and it was wet in summer without rain. This time, the new summer uniform was hired by the teachers and students of the Fashion Design Department of the University of Practice. The fabric selection is mainly based on moisture absorption, perspiration and deodorization.

Taking into account the summer work characteristics of field postal officers, the new version of the uniform tops abandoned the past jacket style and changed to long-sleeved silver-white POLO shirts, and used high-performance fabrics produced in Taiwan, and breathable mesh fabrics on the back, underarms and sides of the body. Take into account the characteristics of ventilation, ventilation, UV resistance and abrasion resistance. It also reduces the color depth, changing from dark green to lighter lake green.

The trousers are designed in the same way as hiking pants. They also use functional steps with good ductility. At the same time, stitching and creases are made at the knees to facilitate the postman to get on and off the motorcycle and get things. Chunghwa Post stated that they also introduced green vests, which can be worn by themselves depending on service needs.

Since the police and the Marine Patrol Department have successively changed into new versions of their uniforms, Chunghwa Post has also made substantial improvements to their uniforms this time. The new look is launched. Some people say it looks good, but others say that the postman look in memory is broken. But if it can achieve ventilation, moisture absorption, perspiration resistance and UV resistance as the official claims, then it is absolutely favorite for frontline postal personnel!