The “Portrait” of “Sparkling Warmth” surpasses 40% of the male proportion, and talks about the current development trend of game users

In the past, when we talked about “female to mobile games”, such as “Love Producer”, “Untouchable Palms” and “Sparkling Warmth”, we always subconsciously think that such “game works” and “men “It doesn’t matter much, because games with characteristics such as” stimulus “,” freshness “,” blood “, and” action “can be accepted by” male players “. It seems to be a consensus in society.

According to the latest data released by the data statistics website SensorTower, among the top ten mobile game downloads worldwide in October, the first (Call of Duty), the fourth (PUBG Mobile), and the sixth (Garena Free Fire) ) Is a shooting game, the second place (Mario Kart Tour), and the fifth place (Fun Race 3D) are competitive games.

When we conducted a “user portrait” analysis of these games in the “Baidu Index”, we found that men can always dominate in shooting games. Take the “Call of Duty” mobile game that has become popular all over the world for example. Males accounted for 82.25% and females accounted for 17.75%. The quantitative advantage of males over females was overwhelming. The analysis results of the “competitive” games were roughly similar to the results of “shooting”, with “Mario Kart Tour) “as an example, it is logical to say that the classic IP” Mario “of” Nintendo “should be able to attract more women, but the actual analysis shows that men account for 78.39%, women account for 21.61%, and men also have the same number Overwhelming advantage.

There is no doubt that games with characteristics such as “stimulation”, “freshness”, “blood”, and “action”, such as strategy, sports, shooting, and action adventure, are still the frontline of “male players” today.

However, in recent years, as “female players” have begun to flood into the “game market”, the “game market” has begun to make changes in response to changes in the structure of user groups, as well as the “secondary culture” and the “pan-two” The development of “mobile games” in the “dimension” category has led to an assimilation of aesthetics between “men” and “females” when targeting “game works”.

Men ’s perceptions of picking a game are changing, and the “tags” that male players have been tagged with in the past decade are no longer their sole criterion.

Game case 1:

“Sparkling Warmth”, as a sequel to the “Folding Paper” warmth series, has a very high popularity in the current “female” mobile game market. On October 7, it successfully reached the top of the “IOS” with a new event launched. Bestsellers “and remained in the top 10 of the” Bestsellers “for the next few days. Such a result is unbelievable for a “female-oriented” game that caused “collective killing of players” due to game content issues in October.

Major game manufacturers and players sighed at this transcript, how powerful the “women’s spending power” is.

The interesting place came. When we went to understand the “user structure” of the game and analyzed the “user portrait” of the game, we found that the “female player” of the game is not a dominant player, but a man and woman close to 1: 1. The proportion is 41.6% for boys and 58.4% for women.

It may be a bit difficult to understand this phenomenon in terms of the inherent cognition of the past, because “Sparkling and Warm” is a collection of “female models” that constantly collects “clothing” and then “dresses” for her to get points The game, in popular terms, is that “young men” are playing “Barbie”.

Obviously, this model does not have any characteristics of “stimulation”, “blood”, “action”, “strategy” and so on.

Case Game 2:

If the protagonist of “Sparkling and Warm” has the characteristic of “cute female”, it has a certain appeal to male players, then the “female toward” “love and producer” also developed by “stack of paper” “, This problem does not exist, because the game is mainly based on the” four handsome “male characters to develop the plot, players continue to deepen the relationship between” players “and” characters “by advancing the game plot to achieve a similar” love ” purpose.

As a “female-oriented” mobile game that has been released for almost 2 years, the game still achieved revenue of more than 35 million yuan in October this year, which is a pretty good result, slightly higher than the current “pan-two-dimensional mobile game” “Average market performance. However, when we analyzed the “user portrait” of the game, we found that this game was neither affected by “stimulation”, “blood”, “action”, “strategy”, nor with “cute female characters”. There are still more than 20% of male users who have a strong interest in the game.

Of course, such a “user portrait” does not fully explain the problem, but it reflects the real situation of the “user structure” to a certain extent. For example, the “user portrait” in “Call of Duty 16” is very close to people’s opinions of “hard-core males.” “The perception of games is that women account for only 5.21%.

There are actually many reasons for this phenomenon, far more than the two factors mentioned above, but when we try to analyze it, these two factors are actually very good entry points.

The first is the first point. The influx of “female players” has triggered changes in the “game market.”

In fact, “female players” are not new to the game market, and the same is true of “females toward games”. In 1994, a Japanese game company named “Glorious”, with the promotion of a “Kikawa Keiko”, the game company produced the world’s first female-oriented game “Angelie” developed for women “Can”, then “Eragawa Keiko” set up a “Red Jade” development team and continued to develop the famous “Women’s Game” “New Romance”. “Women’s Game” started from Japan and is officially on track.

Compared with foreign countries, the domestic game industry has developed relatively late. It has only begun to send its own voice to the outside world since 1995. However, due to the domestic environment and the backwardness of the industry, the development of domestic games has been in a long period of time. The internal progress is extremely slow. At that time, domestic games that could be targeted at “women” were mainly imported from places such as “Korea” and “Japan”, such as “Dance of Dance” and “Rainbow Island”.

Although later domestic game manufacturers also developed a lot of games that attracted “female” players, such as “QQ Hyun Dance” and “QQ Speeding Car”, they did not cause much response in the market, nor did they trigger “female players”. The explosive growth has not promoted the reform of the “game industry structure”.

It wasn’t until the rapid advancement of “mobile devices” that “mobile games” also started to grow, and women’s “consumption power” and “consumption concepts” were liberated, and women began to flood into the “mobile gaming market” and then spread to ” Gaming market “.

According to data from 360 game data and 360 big data platforms, since 2012, the number of Chinese mobile game users has grown from less than 100 million to more than 500 million now, of which the number of female players exceeds 200 million, which is new to mobile games. The main user increment. The huge market potential shown by the “female player group” has forced game manufacturers to launch a more “subdivided” “female-oriented” mobile game in the already “divided” mobile game market.

As of now, there are “390” mobile games with the “Women’s Direction” tag that can be received on TapTap, and the “Women’s Mobile Games” has risen in China in about 2015, when it was only pushed to the market vigorously 6 games, which means that the “female mobile games” has increased by about 65 times in 4 years.

The explosion of “female mobile games” has intensified the competition between “game manufacturers”. In order to grab more markets, game manufacturers have shown their magic when developing “female mobile games”, as long as it is a means to attract players All in all, the market for “female mobile games” entered the era of “post-three kingdoms” in full bloom shortly after it started. And in the meantime, a new trend began to emerge in the “game market”, which was “buy volume”.

“Buy volume” means “buy traffic” to promote its own games. This is also the main method announced by current game manufacturers. It is in the context of “Internet” and “big data”. The product of an idea.

With the rise of this concept, major game manufacturers have joined the “buy volume war” and entered the dual-line combat state of “game development” and “buy volume promotion”. Of course, the objects of purchase here include “female hands.” tour”. However, the “buy volume” has a strong uncertainty. The precise “traffic push” will limit the promotion area. After the initial attempts by major manufacturers, they gradually abandoned the “precision push” and changed to “non-differential push”. The distribution group of “female to mobile games” has also begun to be not limited to “female players”, and “male players” have officially become one of the “groups”.

This is a very important point. The influx of “female players” has promoted the changes in the “game market”. The changes have led to “females to games” arguing with a wide variety of categories. This is the “male players” willing to start trying “females to games” Important reason. After all, the original purpose of the “women to games” service group is not “male players”. For players, there is “nothing”, but “has this thing” and “no this thing” are two different things. After all, you can only understand. Opportunity to participate.

Then comes the second point:

The spread of “secondary culture” and the development of “pan-secondary” mobile games have changed the aesthetic standards of “male players” games

Today, when one talks about the “mobile game market”, it will inevitably involve the “pan-two-dimensional mobile game”. To be more radical, today ’s “pan-two-dimensional mobile game” is the domestic “mobile game market”. Synonymous.

And if you mention the “two-dimensional mobile game”, you ca n’t escape the “two-dimensional culture”. “Secondary culture” and “game” always have an inseparable relationship. “Anime” adapted from “Game” and “Game” adapted from “Anime” are already mature commercial routines in the industry. “F / GO”, ” The Azur Lane and Naruto are familiar cases. With the development of “anime” and the “secondary” culture sinking, the “peripheral culture” led by “base rot” and “lily” gradually enters the public’s vision and transforms people’s perception of “anime”. The inherent cognition, together with some “anime” made for “female”, began to gain great popularity among men.

“Women” anime “Free!” ”As an example, the anime tells:“ Four full of high-school male high school students, the story of youth and fetters surrounding the topic of swimming ”, there is no doubt that both the story plot and the painting of the work are The main audience is “female”. But after the animation was broadcast, it was unexpectedly popular among men.

According to the “user portrait” analysis of the anime, it can be seen that the proportion of men interested in the anime is 34.31%, the proportion of women is 65.69, and the proportion of men is more than 1/3, which is very close to the “male direction” Hardcore baseball anime “Diamond Ace” male to female ratio.

The same is true of another anime, “Sakura Ghost”, which was produced with “female” as the audience. The anime has so far appeared in 3 seasons episodes, and it also has a surprising popularity among male audiences. According to the analysis of “Portrait”, the proportion of males interested in this cartoon is about 27.24%, females are about 72.76%, and males are also about 1/3.

But the earlier “Sakura Ghost” and similar “Vampire Knight” did not have such a situation at all. According to the “user portrait” analysis, the proportion of boys interested in the animation was only 18.39%, less than 1 / of the entire group. 5. Because in the early days, the “secondary culture” belonged to the “niche culture” field, the domestic dissemination of the “secondary culture” was limited to “migrant worker animation” and various forums and publications, both in terms of “content quality” and “speed of information transmission”. Compared with now.

And the development of “anime” actually catalyzed the change of this “game industry”. As mentioned above, “anime” and “game” are closely related.

The early domestic mobile games were very different from the current ones, and they were mainly “leisure and entertainment” games, such as “Snake Snake”, “Xiao Xiao Le” and “Guarding the Radish”. However, in 2015, a card-type “two-dimensional mobile game” called “Proliferation Million Arthur” by NetEase opened the door to a new world for “Chinese players”. At one time, domestic game manufacturers realized that the original “two-dimensional mobile game” could bring such huge profits. So after 2015, major domestic manufacturers successively released phenomenal games such as Azur Lane, Yin Yang Shi, and F / GO. With the natural advantages of “lack of competition” in the early days, “In the” Mobile Games Market “.

The above-mentioned “two-dimensional mobile game” blast quickly attracted the attention of other manufacturers. The fierce competition in the market has gradually intensified, prompting the quality of the “two-dimensional mobile game” to rise at a rate that is visible to the naked eye, from UI design to characters. If the illustration is hired by a reputation, it will not work. Although the gameplay is important, the external factors such as “publicity posters” and “character illustrations” have been the key core of retaining players.

But “UI design” or “character illustration”, there will always be exhaustion, and eventually it will tend to be “homogeneous”. Therefore, to this day, whether it is male-oriented or female-oriented “pan-two-dimensional mobile games,” there is not much difference in “illustration, UI”, and the spread of “second-dimensional culture” has reduced this area. “Aesthetic differences”, naturally, when “such women to the game” is pushed in front of “male players”, boys are more or less willing to try.

Therefore, it is not so much the development of the “pan-second mobile game” that allows “male players” to gradually accept “female-oriented works”, but rather the homogeneity of the “pan-second mobile game” that has produced “male players”. “Aesthetic change”, and this change is one of the reasons why some “male players” become “female to game” audiences.


Generally speaking, the “women-oriented works” toward the “male players” are immersed in the reasons of “era background” and “cultural promotion”. Although “male players” are still more willing to play “stimulus” and “adventure” today , “Action”, and “Competitive” games, not all types of “Women-oriented games” are willing to try, but in general are good things.

As early as last year, some industry insiders made a time-sharing analysis of the “female player” market and pointed out: “Game makers should pay attention to the similarities between male and female players, because with the development of the art of games and the social The participation of contemporary women is incomparable to the perception of games, and after acceptance, they will get closer and closer to male players. Therefore, it is correct to make games that are equally suitable for men and women. “

Just like games such as “League of Legends” and “Jedi Survival”, they should belong to gamers with strong “sports talent” such as “men”, but they are still brought to “female players” as the times change. And gradually accepted by “female players”, resulting in this type of games in the subsequent content updates, have to take into account the “traits” of “female players” in order to create a harmonious coexistence between “male players” and “female players” Good environment.

After all, the original intention of the game was to be “leisure”. The birth of the world’s first “video game” was the product of two technicians passing the time. If the “game content” can be changed to make it easier for “men” and “females” to understand each other and promote harmony between them, then it will be a positive thing for the whole society and the society will change as a result. Inherent view of the game. In fact, such a “signal” has become more and more intense under the influence of “e-sports”.

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