Taiwan Porsche announced the Taycan, the brand’s first electric car last month, and this month, together with the Wilderness Conservation Association, will launch a new Dream Together project today, setting a new milestone for the brand in a sustainable future.

The Porsche Dream Together project in Taiwan and the Wilderness Conservation Association launched a new project.

Mathias Busse, President of Porsche Taiwan, said: “The Wilderness Conservation Association’s contribution to environmental conservation, in addition to habitat work, also puts a lot of effort into environmental education, and it is very important to promote mountain and forest knowledge and environmental protection education to the public, but it consumes resources. Porsche Taiwan is honored to have this opportunity to walk side by side with the Wilderness Conservation Association, hoping to continue to spare no effort to defend Taiwan’s beautiful nature in the future.”

Porsche Taiwan’s “Dream-Together Dream Project” will open a sustainable chapter of the project by supporting the Wilderness Conservation Association.

As a brand dedicated to environmental conservation, Porsche has always kept in mind the importance of environmental sustainability in the process of car models. Since 2014, the Porsche production line has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 75%. The new Taycan all-car series not only has a total carbon dioxide emission of 0g/km, but the production process is also completely carbon neutral. Porsche also created the online computing system PORSCHE Impact. By analyzing the mileage, model and model characteristics of different car owners, it provides customized carbon footprint compensation solutions and encourages car owners to donate based on their car’s carbon emissions. Corresponding proportion of the payment as a feedback. PORSCHE Impact has been opened to car owners in Taiwan since last September.

Porsche has always kept in mind the importance of environmental sustainability in the process of new models.

Porsche Taiwan’s “Dream Together Dream Project” project was launched in 2019, taking the lead in paying attention to rural education issues and supporting the educational philosophy of the Youth Social Welfare Foundation with donations. In May 2020, we also joined hands with distributors to donate a second sum of money to Bo Children to assist students whose family conditions have been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. This year, Taiwan’s Porsche “Dream Together Dream Project” will open a sustainable chapter of the plan by supporting the Wilderness Conservation Association. The Wilderness Conservation Association was established in 1995. It is an environmental conservation organization formed by a group of volunteers who love Taiwan. They are committed to conserving wildlife and ecology. They continue to organize nature education, habitat conservation and environmental protection activities to let participants understand the ocean And the importance of land conservation, together to preserve a beautiful environment for the next generation. In 2020, the Wilderness Conservation Association held a total of 4,891 events and 170,000 participants. Activities include children’s environmental education, environmental volunteer training, habitat activities, and sustainable lectures. Liu Yuemei, chairman of the Wilderness Conservation Association, said: “In order for the next generation to enjoy the beautiful natural ecology, the only way is to start protecting the environment now.”

Porsche Taiwan supports ecological restoration and restoration in cities, providing a more liveable, vibrant and healthy city.

Originally, to provide a more livable, vibrant and healthy city. In this plan, the Wilderness Conservation Association will assist local environmental needs, build a natural environment for ecological restoration, and provide a safe haven for endangered creatures, such as fireflies, and hope to provide sustainable infrastructure in the metropolitan area . In the future, Porsche Taiwan will continue to carry out other cooperation in the fields of environment, education, science, culture and sports, and become a positive force for making changes.

Porsche Taiwan looks forward to taking actions to firmly protect the existing environmental foundation and create a new generation of sustainable future.

With the expansion of the PORSCHE Impact carbon neutral project, the first pure electric sports car with a fully carbon neutral process, to the new chapter of the “Dream Together Dream Project”, Porsche Taiwan looks forward to protecting the existing environment through these actions. Foundation to create a new generation of the next sustainable future.

Support environmental conservation with practical actions and work together for a sustainable city. With your participation, the Wilderness Conservation Association will surely make the Wilderness Conservation Association more powerful on the road of environmental protection and conservation.