The Plane Effect – Reality warps in this new trailer

There is no better time than when you finally come home to find your little family after a hard day’s work, everyone will agree. Yet PQube, to whom we owe the excellent Cat Quest, seems determined to make us change our minds with The Plane Effect, their new indie adventure game with a dark and mysterious aspect. On the occasion of the announcement of this game, the English studio took the opportunity to plunge us directly into the bath by showing us a trailer for the least intriguing.

The Plane Effect foule

In The Plane Effect, we follow the adventures of Solo, an employee like any other who is living his last day at work. But as the latter returns home to find his family, he finds himself confronted with various strange phenomena which do everything to prevent him from accomplishing his task. Accompanied by a dark atmosphere and melancholy music, the game plunges us into a world both dystopian and disturbing in which nothing will be spared our poor hero.

Solo will face many threats if he is ever to be able to see his family again. He will therefore have to avoid the drones which will seek to electrocute him, but also a strange black entity which seems to pursue our protagonist. Although no aspect of gameplay has yet been revealed in this trailer, the developers however specify that the players will have to use their logic in order to succeed in escaping from this world which will play with their conception of time and space.

Scheduled for the year 2021, The Plane Effect sortira sur Playstation 5, Xbox One Série X|S, Switch et PC via Steam.


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