Dragonfly in Indonesia: Type of human victims on figure 1The search and rescue volume of Indonesia transferred debris of the ill-fated Sriwijaya Air aircraft at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta on January 11, 2021. (Source: THX / TTXVN)

On January 22, relatives of 62 people were killed in the incident plane crash of Indonesia’s Sriwijaya Air has taken place memorial service The victims at sea this plane crashed.

Dozens of relatives on board the navy ship threw red petals into the water. Some people can’t help but feel emotional.

Heri Purnomo has an older sister and her husband bad flight Share: “I cried … It was a very sad moment.”

Attending the ceremony were the company’s CEO Sriwijaya AirMr. Jefferson Irwin Jauwena and many employees of the company.

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To date, 47 out of 62 victims, including 50 passengers and 12 crew members, have been identified.

The memorial service takes place while the search for the bodies and debris has ended, two weeks after the ill-fated Boeing 737-500 crashed into waters off the Jakarta capital while in action. submission from Jakarta to the Pontianak capital of West Kalimantan province.

However, authorities continue to look for a second black box – the cockpit recording device (CVR) – while the black box investigators record flight data (FDR).

The maintenance log showed that there was a problem with the plane’s autopilot, but it is not clear whether this technical error was the direct cause of the catastrophic crash.

Sriwijaya Air was established in 2003, is headquartered in Jakarta, mainly conducts domestic flights. This airline is considered to be a safe airline in Indonesia.

This is the most serious aviation accident in Indonesia since the crash of Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX in Java waters that killed 189 passengers and crew in 2018./.

Nguyen Hang (VNA / Vietnam +)