The Philippines wants to offer My soon a final review of the VFA image 1Illustration. (Source: Asia Times)

This month, officials Philippines and America will meet to resolve disagreements regarding the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) that has been around for two decades.

Before that, last February, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte informed the US side of the matter VFA cancellation, but later suspended the decision.

In November 2020, the Philippines for the second time suspended the decision to cancel and this decision is effective within six months to coordinate with the US to reach a longer-term mutual defense agreement.

Speaking on the ANC channel on 7/2, Philippine Foreign Minister Teodoro Locsin said: “The suspension of the VFA suspension is for the two sides to narrow the disagreement.” He added that officials from the two countries will meet in the last week of February.

[Philippines tiếp tục đình chỉ quyết định hủy Thỏa thuận VFA với Mỹ]

President Duterte warned Washington about the possibility of Manila canceling the VFA due to dissatisfaction with a senator and an assistant being denied a visa to enter the US. However, he extended this decision-making process until after the new administration in America took office.

Signed in 1998, the VFA is considered to be the legal framework for thousands US soldiers stationed in the Philippines and allow the two countries to conduct hundreds general exercise annually as well as deploying humanitarian support campaigns./.

Bich Lien (VNA / Vietnam +)