The petition to sign "End the CCP's Demons" surpassed 1 million signatures

The petition to sign “End the CCP’s Demons” surpassed 1 million signatures

Over the past year, the Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic has raged globally, causing the world to become chaotic. However, accordingly, the signing movement against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and “downturning the evil CCP” was also vigorously deployed.

People sign the EndCCP petition. (Photo provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).

Last June, while the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic was sweeping the world, the “Global Party Quit Service Center” launched the movement. “Eliminate the Demon Chinese Communist Part” (Eliminate the Demon Chinese Communist Part) and set up the website in more than 40 different languages, so that the world can clearly understand the nature of the CCP, and at the same time end the CCP, and stay away from the epidemic. The EndCCP signing wave quickly rolled out in many countries. After a year, on June 5, the global “end of the CCP” signing movement surpassed 1 million signatures.

The Chinese virus disease (COVID-19) began to break out in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019 and early 2020, but the CCP government lied, covered up, and quickly spread the disease. to the whole world, bringing catastrophic global disaster. As of June 2021, there are 170 million people infected globally, about 3.37 million people have died, moreover the virus is still mutating continuously.

The EndCCP launch petition pointed out: “The CCP Lies, People Die” (CCP Lied,People Died), the persecution brought by the CCP has spread globally, affecting everyone, the petition also lists crimes against humanity in the history of the CCP, calling for “Now is the time for us to reject this devil and end the CCP!”

During the epidemic, the whole world has seen the CCP as the calamity that caused the epidemic to spread, seen the CCP’s wickedness and delinquency, and seen the CCP not collapse, the world is restless. After the petition was launched, it immediately received a wide response in the US and many countries, every day there are many people in different places using different languages ​​to sign and leave a message. messages on the website, volunteers through various methods to spread EndCCP information. Volunteers in New York each week organize a fleet of EndCCP marches, deploying autographs in communities, squares, parks, beaches, tourist attractions, shopping centers.

The EndCCP fleet banner is in Chinese and English, and it reads: “Refusing the CCP to stay away from the plague”, “Dissolve the CCP to save America”, “China is the most evil virus that causes disaster to the whole world”, “Unite and boycott the evil communist”, etc. The places they go through are like the real Great Wall moving back and forth, moving people’s hearts, making people awake, receiving good support and appreciation from the community.

The large convoy, the neat team, and the prominent banners attract everyone’s attention. (Photo provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).
The large convoy, the neat team, and the prominent banners attract everyone’s attention. (Photo provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).

Volunteer To Trung Loi (Su Zhongli) said that many drivers saw the large fleet of EndCCP vehicles and honked their horns to ask, or raised their thumbs to show support, or filmed taking pictures. fleet photo. Many people after seeing the word “The CCP Lies” [thì] people die” (CCP Lied,People Died), without hesitation immediately signed; Some people even hold a signboard, giving each one to their friends and relatives to accompany them to sign. Many people, after signing, happily hold EndCCP flyers to take souvenir photos.

Volunteer Wang Lirong (Wang Lirung) said that on May 8, at a subway station in Flushing, a policeman on duty saw the volunteer collecting signatures and took the initiative to go to asked to sign, also asked his colleagues to sign, and after signing they happily took pictures, “He ran to the police car, took out his hat and put it on, straightened his clothes, and with two of our volunteers took a picture, while taking the picture, he raised his thumb to show his support.”

On June 1, Mr. Moses Shehan, a person from Jamaica, staying near the John F. Kennedy International Airport area, went to the signature collection point in front of the library, got down on one knee and expressed his opinion. Respect for volunteers. He said he was very supportive of collecting signatures, knowing that the CCP massacres Chinese people even harvesting live Chinese organs, he did not like the CCP, he suggested that he could help volunteers collect signatures , “I can take the autograph home with me and let family and friends sign.”

After asking for an autograph, he knelt down on one knee, expressing his thanks and respect to the volunteer. Provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).
People support EndCCP. (Provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).
People read leaflets with EndCCP messages. (Provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).
People sign the EndCCP petition. (Provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).
People expressed support for EndCCP. (Provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).
People expressed support for EndCCP. (Provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).
People sign the EndCCP petition. (Provided by the Global Party Quit Service Center).

Here are the messages on in different languages ​​from people in different countries:

“Liberty is a natural human right and it must be restored in china” (Freedom is a natural human right, in China it is necessary to restore this right);

“This communist party needs to be stopped” (This communist party needs to be stopped);

“Take down CCP” (Down with the CCP);

“The CCP has not been eliminated for a day, the people in China cannot rest!”;

With widespread support from people around the world, the number of EndCCP signers increased rapidly. Since its launch in June last year, to October last year there have been more than 100,000 signatures; by November, the number of signatories had increased by 100,000 in just one month; continued over two months, by mid-January 2021, the number of signatories has exceeded 500,000 people; by the beginning of May 2021, the number of signatories has increased by 300,000 people, up to 850,000 people; then, in just one month (May), continued to increase by 150,000 signers. By June 5, the number of signatures had surpassed 1 million people.

Reject the CCP, stay away from the plague

On June 5, President of the Global CCP Quit Service Center, Ms. Yi Rong, said that historically, the CCP has always caused harm to the Chinese people and caused harm to the Chinese nation. seeing that the CCP is also causing harm to all of humanity. Because the CCP concealed the epidemic, wasted precious time on global epidemic prevention and control, and brought an unprecedented crisis to the world, now the whole world is condemning the CCP.

Ms. Dich Dung said, “Reject the CCP, stay away from the epidemic” Not a slogan, but a very real proof. Because the CCP is an evil spirit, it is constantly spreading toxins, it is the only virus, if one follows the evil spirit, how can a good future be achieved? So you need to deny it, from the inside you want to oppose it, reject it, so it can’t control you, harm you, so you have isolated yourself from viruses and evil spirits, which is equivalent. with already established immunity. This aspect has many examples, “If you are unlucky to be infected with the CCP virus, don’t be afraid to shout out: Defeat the evil CCP! That will help you recover!”.

“We are not a political act, we are a spiritual awakening movement, on a spiritual level. Hope more people join in signing EndCCP, everyone is well aware of the evil of the CCP, thereby making it have no space to exist, this is the process of peaceful dissolution of the CCP. When everyone rejects and denies it in their minds, it is also the process that the CCP is perishing.”

Ms. Dich Dung said, 1 million is a milestone, but 1 million is still a small number compared to more than 7 billion people globally; hope more people participate in signing, hope the signer can also help spread the information, wake up more good people, so that everyone can get out of danger, speed up progress EndCCP program. The next goal is 10 million signatures, hopefully it will be possible soon.

According to Ly Duyet, Epoch Times

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