The Peregrine Falcon returns to the fastest throne! SUZUKI “HAYABUSA” officially announced the release

Sometimes the plan can’t keep up with the changes. A little while ago, SUZUKI GLOBAL released the first preview of the latest cruise tour 2021 HAYABUSA, and plans to announce this 300 club to carry the hegemon in the online exhibition on February 5. However, a few days after the advance notice was released, foreign media unexpectedly announced the complete notice, giving fans around the world a first glance at this innovative cruise behemoth inside and out. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what message the trailer brings us!

The trailer starts with two generations of GSX-1300R, and finally the protagonist appears and surpasses, symbolizing the inheritance of the two generations.

Then I use the classic car name “Falcon” to highlight the key points of this article. Upon closer inspection, the font of the new version of “Falcon” is also slightly different, which is sharper and murderous than the previous font.

Then I saw the layout of the new headlights. In addition to maintaining a single headlight design, the new HAYABUSA also added daytime running lights on both sides to make the whole look like the murderous look of the Fangs.

The newly designed front maintains a large-area fairing design, and the details are more sharply trimmed.

Does the picture of three generations living in the same house look warm and warm?

In addition to the sharper lines of the new HAYABUSA, the lamp system has also been changed to LED light source, which has a better lighting effect. It is estimated that part of the direction light will be integrated with the daytime running light.

After being refurbished by the original factory, it was changed to a separate LED model. Is this model similar to an Italian car model…?

Looking closely at the side of the new HAYABUSA, a smoother fairing is also obtained after aerodynamic optimization.

The focus of this change is that the new HAYABUSA has introduced a large number of electronic control systems, S-DMS power selection, PW engine power curve selection, TC tracking system, EB engine brake system, and even QS fast-displacement system has a selection of stages. It seems that the richness of the electronic control system is the most complete in history.

In response to the rich electronic control system, a switch button is added to the left handlebar assembly for the rider to adjust.

The new HAYABUSA also adds an angle display on the interface, allowing the rider to know the dynamics of his vehicle in the first time.

The new HAYABUSA corresponds to the Euro V emission regulations, and it is speculated that the exhaust volume will increase further, and HAYABUSA’s iconic double outlet exhaust pipes are also retained. It is worth mentioning that this change is not a foreign matter. Taiwan has reported that it will be introduced. It is a happy event for car fans who love large displacement.

The new HAYABUSA has not yet announced more specifications other than the information released in the preview. For the detailed information, let us wait two more days, and look forward to the amazing data that the new Peregrine Falcon will return to the throne of the fastest production car! If you want to see this speed machine, please click the link below!

Original source: 2021 SUZUKI HAYABUSA officially announces the return of the outflow Peregrine Falcon to the fastest throne

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