The Pedestrian: Walk through city signs

The Pedestrian is a veritable Puzzle Platformer. The game’s features can be stated in one sentence: the protagonist of the game will walk through various signs to complete the puzzle solving and customs clearance tasks.

In daily life, a variety of signs are everywhere, and for easy reading and understanding, they are all flat and simplified. The Pedestrian game skillfully connects the 3D world with these signs. The game scene is 3D, and the game process takes place in the extremely simplified space of 2D. The combination of 2D + 3D forms a unique vision. Style and experience.

In fact, this game was introduced by indienova in 2017:

A bunch of public signs turned into games in the hands of three foreigners

Three young people from Ohio, USA are putting their ideas into practice and have been planning the adventure puzzle game The Pedestrian since 2014. Only last year, they finally showed the gameplay in a short demo, in which the most common 2D platform jumping and the full integration of public signs were very impressive.

In this demo, we can see the efforts of the producer on the screen. In addition to designing warning signs of different shapes, they also designed a series of scenes where these public signs can be posted, such as streets, elevators, between shelves, and construction sites, where these signs often appear. Although these scenes are only used as background in the game, their precision is comparable to that in real life.

However, in the actual game, these delicate backgrounds are only used to set off the main body. At least in the current demo, players cannot interact with the background, and even to highlight the main part of the game, the background is blurred.

The reason why the producer has to make such a detailed description of the background, in fact, we can feel it when we experience the game. The gameplay is very simple, it is to control the “little black man” in the public sign, and let it pass the obstacles placed in the warning sign. At the same time, the player needs to design a route to reach the exit in the brain. With all the warning signs, find a way for the “little black man” to lead to the next scene.

When you switch to the next location, you have to play the role of those delicate backgrounds. Because in this perspective, the “little black man” will be hidden in the game scene and move, and the camera will take the player to enjoy the game scene as it moves.

It is very interesting that there is no textual description in the game. Even the gameplay tips are given in the form of video recordings to give players clear and clear tips. The producer also said that no text will be added to the official version of the game, and the game’s hints and stories will appear in the form of silent films. The goal is to reduce the impact on the game experience due to language issues.

As for the story of the game, the projector level in the demo has a silent film animation, and it can be guessed that this will be a form of game story presentation. The development team’s development log also wrote that the story of the game will tell the past of the “Little Black”, and will tell the experience of “Little Black” of different genders according to the gender that the player chose before the game started. These The story will appear in the form of memories on a computer screen or projector.

They also said that the content of these memories will have a certain connection with the background of the game. At this time, the background will not only be used to switch the scene, but it will also play an important auxiliary role in storytelling.

Musically, they used music from John Williams, Danny Elfman, and Jerry Goldsmith to make classic jazz for the game, presenting a bright and prosperous world with music.

In addition, there are also very large restrictions on color. Since in reality these signs are only black, white, yellow, green or blue. In order to retain the original colors of these signs, they also spent a lot of effort on matching the scene tones, so that purple cars appeared on the street to match the green signs and engineering gray walls. A pink color is used to highlight the white signboard in this way, so that the color reaches a layered sense.

Therefore, it is precisely due to the emergence of more and more ideas and levels, and their financial situation has also appeared in crisis. In order to have more money to continue development, they have to repeatedly delay their estimated time to market. Until January this year, they hope to use kickstarter to help them crowdfunding. Thankfully, before the end of the crowdfunding, they have received more than 30,000 US dollars raised by more than 1,400 players in order to support their smooth launch this year. .

This time I took it out and said it again, because this game, which has been developed since 2014, has now gone through (2020) nearly six years, and has experienced plagiarism accusations (many people think it is “learned” Framed), shortage of funds, Kickstarter and other things. Finally, it will be officially launched on January 29, 2020 (January 30, Beijing time).

Trial experience

Before the official launch, we tried this game again.

Soon after the game starts, you will encounter the core gameplay of the game: connect puzzles. Players need to connect several signs according to different connection points:

This connection will not work, you ca n’t jump up

This is the right way to connect

Sometimes, you need to move the sign to make the correct connection:

In addition, there are various items in the game, such as keys, switches, etc., which must be obtained or processed.

You have to get the key to open the door below

Will become more and more complicated later

So in fact, this game still has its own characteristics. Although the gameplay has been predecessors, it can not be said to be “plagiarism”. According to the current trial situation, the mixture of 3D and 2D is much richer than a simple 2D puzzle. // Although 3D is just a display, it can be seen that a lot of effort has been spent on it, and the operation in the game will do some control on the 3D environment, which can be regarded as a bit of interaction.

In short, students who are interested in Puzzle Platformer, we think you might as well try this seemingly special game. The fruits of the development that have been on and off for nearly six years are still worth playing.

Animations and screenshots

Source: indienova


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