The patented design of the PS5 controller is amazing! Pressure feedback trigger button to simulate rock climbing

According to the database of “Patentscope”, Sony’s new patent “INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD OF CONTROLLER DEVICE” introduced the adaptive trigger key and tactile presentation on the PS5’s handle. Related mechanisms.

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According to the information on the patent, the trigger key (position 25 in the figure) on the handle of the PS5 will include a force-sensing performance device to give the user a reaction force when the player presses it. The trigger key of the handle will press the user The degree of detection is performed, and different signals are fed back to the control unit in a range from the outermost end that is completely loosened to the innermost end that is fully compressed.

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At the handle (at position 21 in the figure), there are independent tactile sense performance devices, which can generate vibration according to the indicated waveform, and can also show different tactile sensations to the left and right hands.

The introduction of this patent material envisages the following scenario: the character in the game climbs through various protruding parts on the vertical wall, and the grasping power of these protruding parts is related to the trigger key, and the player needs left and right hands In cooperation, one hand holds the convex part, the other hand releases, and extends to the next convex part.

这 If you hold the finger of the convex part too lightly at this time, the character may fall without grasping it. At the same time, if you apply too much force, the protruding part may be damaged and you may fall as a result. When your pressing pressure is close to the threshold to drop, within a certain range, the handle will give a hint of vibration or reaction force. The difficulty of the game can be adjusted according to the appropriate prompt range.

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At the same time, the handle can detect its own tilt and feedback different signals. In another scenario, the character needs to use a chainsaw to cut stones, wood, and the like in the virtual space. At this time, the different inclination of the handle will also affect the inclination of the chainsaw, and the speed of the saw blade is related to the pressing of the trigger key.

For different cutting objects, the speed of the saw blade (the degree of pressing the trigger key) will cause the handle to show different reaction forces. At the same time, the handle will judge whether the saw blade is in contact with the object according to the degree of tilt. When the saw blade is not in contact with the object, a feedback signal can be made to make the device make an idling sound. After the player has given enough inclination, the game will judge whether the object will be cut according to whether the trigger key pressing degree exceeds the cutting reference amount. After the object is judged to be cut off, the chainsaw will stop and feedback such as the reaction force to the player will disappear.

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