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[The owner has something to say]Two strokes explode power! HONDA「CRM250AR」

The[Car Owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “えるしち” will share his riding story with HONDA CRM250AR!

Through the analysis and evaluation of car owners on the car-HONDA CRM250AR, let car friends understand the advantages or disadvantages of HONDA CRM250AR from multiple angles.


・Riding age, the fun of riding a motorcycle

My first exposure to motorcycles was in 2018. At that time, the bike model was GSX250R, so my riding experience was only about 2 years.

I usually go to work and travel by bike, but recently I go to forest roads, dirt roads and race tracks. The biggest advantage of motorcycles is that I can enjoy the fun of a reborn. Some people may think that I commute by CRM. But I always commute with another car, the S1000R, because the fuel consumption of CRM is too expensive for me.

・Starting time

In March 2019, I fell in love with this car at first sight in the store, and I recovered to mention that the car purchase contract has been signed…

・Into the manual machine

Originally I wanted to buy a 125cc class, lightweight and powerful off-road vehicle, so the candidate car at the time was KDX125, but when I went to the car shop to look for it, this guy was right in front of me, and I immediately bought it in love at first sight (sweat).


Commuting, traveling, forest roads, dirt roads, race tracks… this is a very good motorcycle, it can handle any road conditions!



The biggest advantage is the lightweight feel and excellent handling, which makes me feel that I can ride it anywhere.

The fuel consumption is close to 20km/L, which is very good for a two-stroke engine, plus the fuel tank can hold 11 liters, and it can travel about 200 kilometers with a full fuel! In addition, there is almost no white smoke when riding.

・About riding

Its horsepower is unmatched by modern cars. With a maximum horsepower of 40ps and a dry weight of only 112kg, the riding performance is amazing.

・About appearance

The original design is still old-fashioned, but after my various modifications, it has a unique charm. I am very satisfied with the current appearance.



I would not recommend it to those who want a comfortable ride and caring about fuel consumption, because it eats fuel very fast…I also don’t recommend it to petite riders because the feet are badly grounded….

・About riding

Although it is a single-cylinder model with a displacement of only 250cc, the maximum horsepower of 40ps should be careful when operating the throttle.

・About appearance

There is nothing special to say, but I prefer the black frame. (This is a matter of my personal preference, it should not be a shortcoming)


・Want to enjoy riding a motorcycle!

・I want to enjoy intense acceleration!

・I want to ride a Japanese brand motorcycle faster than WR!

・Want to ride a lightweight high-performance motorcycle!

・I want to ride a motorcycle that is different from others!

Recommend to such people.

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