[The owner has something to say]Two-stroke off-road scooter YAMAHA “BWS100”

The[Car Owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “ままくん” will share his riding story with YAMAHA BWS100!

Through the owner’s analysis and evaluation of the car-YAMAHA BWS100, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of YAMAHA BWS100 from multiple angles.


  • Driving age, the fun of riding a motorcycle

I have been riding a motorcycle for 30 years since I got my moped driver’s license in high school. Until recently, I have been using a KSR Pro and a Ninja 250SL for various purposes, and then accidentally bought a Monkey 125.

Basically, I like small trips within 100 kilometers one way, and can enjoy delicious lunches and fun things. I am looking for a reason to “run for it”, but I will also run 4-500 kilometers to participate in the annual KSR Shimanami Meeting&Mikinjima event.

  • Start time

November 2008 to November 2017

  • Into the manual machine

The Ape100 I bought with my wife was stolen… Fortunately, I have theft insurance, but the insurance claim (appraisal) amount is low, so we can’t repurchase Ape100. In addition, our children were still young, so I wanted to buy one. A Scooter, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s feet being caught in the tire.

When I found it, it was being displayed (abandoned) in the corner of the local motorcycle shop where I lived. It was very lonely! After consulting (bargaining) at a motorcycle shop, you can finally buy within the insurance limit.


  • Advantages

Because the basic design is too old, the cushion space cannot accommodate new helmets, but it has enough storage space, the frame is strong enough to carry heavy objects, and there is a convenient hook for daily shopping, and the cushion Large and wide, it is quite suitable for long-distance travel with camping equipment, and the large tires allow you to ride it off-road.

  • About riding

The best thing is the acceleration power of the two-stroke engine.

  • About appearance

The unique style, because this is a motorcycle that is rare in Japan, attracts a lot of attention, but is it good or bad? Because he is often pointed and pointed in the streets and alleys.


  • Shortcomings

After all, it’s a Turkish standard, right? Compared with the Taiwanese specifications, the engine, brakes, suspension and other settings seem to be completely different, even the headlights, although it is a round headlight, it has no reflective surface, so it is very dark.

In addition, because the vehicle is heavy and fuel consumption is not very good, you should always pay attention to the fuel consumption during long-distance travel.

  • About riding

The brake specifications are the same as other light-duty models, so the performance cannot keep up with the vehicle’s weight and engine performance.

  • About appearance

I think this is a design with different tastes. Because I am a down-to-earth person, I am not satisfied with the appearance, especially the headlights. Too many protective devices make the headlights darker, so I decided to put the headlight outside All parts are removed.


In this environment-conscious era, it will be difficult for two-stroke engines to survive, but the unique acceleration of two-stroke engines is very interesting, coupled with simple parts configuration and easy maintenance, even if the fuel consumption is not good, I still recommend it to those who don’t mind. There was a lot of black smoke coming out of the trachea, and it was purchased by the knight who was pointed to.

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