[The owner has something to say]The slender and sexy DUCATI “Hyper Motard 796”

The[Car Owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “のすけ” will share his riding story with HYPERMOTARD796!

Through the owner’s analysis and evaluation of the car-HYPERMOTARD796, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of HYPERMOTARD796 from multiple angles.


・Driving age, the fun of riding a motorcycle

I am a scoop rider. I haven’t cycled for 9 years before that. I usually ride my bike during breaks or holidays. I often ride and explore the spectacular scenery in the Kanto area of ​​Japan, and occasionally go out for long distances. tourism.

・Starting time

This is the first new car I bought after returning to the motorcycle industry. It has been owned for 9 years and has a total mileage of more than 85,000 kilometers.

・Into the manual machine

When I decided to return to the motorcycle life, I looked at the DUCATI website and fell in love with Hypermotard at first sight. Because I was worried about the seat height, I decided to buy it after confirming the seat height problem at the dealer.



The comfortable sitting posture keeps me from getting tired during long-distance travel. The nearly 800cc twin-cylinder engine has plenty of horsepower, so I won’t feel underpowered at high speeds or mountain roads.

・About riding

In a large car, its weight is light and the body width is relatively slim, so it is easy to corner on mountain roads and perform very well.

・About appearance

I like Ducati’s unique motorcycle style, the iconic red paint, slender and sexy body lines, frame, inverted front fork and rear single rocker, and the mechanical appearance of the air-cooled engine.



In the straighter riding position, when riding at high speed, the upper body will be affected by greater wind resistance, so I additionally modified the goggles to reduce the wind resistance.

Because ETC vehicle equipment needs to be placed under the seat cushion, there is almost no storage space, so when traveling, a fuel tank bag or a cushion bag will be added to increase the storage space.

Because it is an air-cooled engine, it is easy to overheat in summer when traffic jams, so I will try to choose an open road.

・About riding

Because of the high seat cushion height, the grounding of both feet is not good. I need to be careful when parking and turning. I reversed the car many times before getting used to it.

・About appearance

I found that the original rear mirror installed next to the bow guard is easily blurred due to the vibration of the body, and it also makes the body wider, which is a problem in heavy traffic, so I have replaced the rear mirror with Ordinary style.


Recommended for people who like this unique appearance. Although its feet are not good on the ground, as long as it starts to move, it is a large but light and easy to ride and control car.

Some people may worry about maintenance costs because it is DUCATI, but because it is equipped with an air-cooled engine that is easy to maintain and repair, general maintenance work is easy.

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