[The owner has something to say]The second trip war horse! YAMAHA「RZ250」

The[Car Owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “さこパパ” will share his riding story with RZ250!

Through the analysis and evaluation of the car owner on the RZ250, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of the RZ250 from multiple angles.

Basic vehicle information

Car model RZ250
Year type 1981
Displacement 250 cc
Purchase time 26 years ago
Current mileage
Fuel consumption
Motorcycle status In possession

Car features

Most suitable use Ride on a winding road
Recommended to such knights People who can repair themselves even if they fail
Features Has extremely high value

Purchasing motivation, purpose, comparison of car models

It happened that the motorcycle shop had a middle-aged car that was in good condition. I looked at it and liked it, so I didn’t buy it compared to other models.


1. In terms of appearance, I like the overall style.
2. I like two-stroke motorcycles, especially the acceleration feeling when entering the power belt makes me unable to extricate myself.
3. Because it is a two-stroke engine, I also like to do some maintenance work by myself.


1. Because it is a two-stroke model, I am very worried about the white smoke and oil coming out of the exhaust pipe and the vibration of the body caused by the engine when riding.
2. After all, it is an old motorcycle, so there are many small problems.

Advice for future buyers

Some parts are out of print, but you can rest assured that there are still original parts to choose from, and there are corresponding sub-factory parts. This can be reassuring, but if the owner does not have a maintenance foundation, the maintenance cost will be high. .

In recent years, environmental protection regulations have become more and more stringent, and maybe the two-stroke engine will disappear in the future, so if you like the two-stroke engine car, you should take advantage of it and enjoy the ride now!

Future modification plan

There is no modification plan, I just hope that it will not break down frequently and can stay with me for a little longer~

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