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[The owner has something to say]The charm of SUZUKI “GSX250S Katana” for 30 years


The[Car owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “Blue JAZZ・・・rest ア中” will share his riding story with Suzuki GSX250S!

Through the owner’s analysis and evaluation of the car-Suzuki GSX250S, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of Suzuki GSX250S from multiple angles.


・Driving age

I have been riding a motorcycle for 20 years. I bought Zephyr when I didn’t know anything. After getting married, I changed to a commuter car. I have been using JAZZ to improve my experience in maintenance and modification.

・The fun of riding a motorcycle

Mainly commuting and refitting. Although maintenance is the main pleasure now, I still like to ride a bike around my home.

・Starting time

I bought this somewhat broken car at an auction two years ago, and almost all of my time was spent repairing it.

・Into the manual machine

The motivation is that I read a magazine when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school. I had no interest in motorcycles. For the first time, I knew that there was such a beautiful car and there was a label called SUZUKI.

Although KATANA was one of the best cars when I got my driver’s license, I bought Zephyr, and the car broke down shortly afterwards, but I had no experience in repairing it, so I started to study motorcycles seriously, learning After a lot of maintenance experience and riding skills, I finally realized my wish-to buy a KATANA.



As long as the carburetor is adjusted well, there is no problem at all whether it is going to work or traveling.

・About riding

The feeling of the 250cc four-cylinder engine at high revs is something that current motorcycles cannot enjoy.

※Because the speed will not be too fast, it is easy to control, so you can enjoy the excitement safely.

・About appearance

I have always admired its appearance.



It can get angry with the change of seasons and weather (it is difficult to start in a cold car). If you only own one car and use it as a commuter, it may be disturbing.

・About riding

The fuel consumption is not very good, and because of the weight of the car, the braking performance needs to be modified to be sufficient.

・About appearance

I think its design level is very high. Although I don’t deny that it looks a little thin compared to the 1100, the engine with cooling fins is very beautiful. If you want to say the shortcomings, I am too satisfied with its shape and cannot be modified Appearance, I even reluctant to install the cushion bag.


Recommended for people who like KATANA, but because it is an old model, if you can’t take care of it (plus money), it is not recommended to start.

If possible, I hope to have two KATANA.

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