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[The owner has something to say]The beginner adventurer HONDA “400X”


The[Car owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “Dick” will share his riding story with 400X!

Through the analysis and evaluation of the car owner on the car-400X, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of the 400X from multiple angles.

Basic vehicle information

Car model 400X
Year type 2016
Displacement 400 cc
Purchase time 2016/12
Current mileage About 2,804 km
Fuel consumption About 30 km/L
Motorcycle status In possession

Car features

Most suitable use High speed cruise ride
Recommended to such knights Adventurous beginner
Features Very good fuel consumption

Purchasing motivation, purpose, comparison of car models

I once owned a motorcycle, but it had no other purpose besides traveling, and because no matter what kind of motorcycle I bought, I only intend to use it for traveling, so I chose 400X because I think it is the best suitable.


1. The appearance, loadability and grounding of both feet are great.

2. The big goggles are very useful when riding at high speed on the highway.

3. The fuel consumption performance is unexpectedly good.

3. Although it has been owned for four years, there are no other problems except consumables that need to be repaired.


Generally speaking, there are no shortcomings. What I am most concerned about is that the damping characteristics of the tires and front and rear suspension are not very good.

Advice for future buyers

1. This is a car model launched by HONDA, and the parallel twin-cylinder engine is also based on the same basis as CBR400R, so there is no need to worry about maintenance or vehicle yield issues.

2. Although the power performance is not as good as other public upgrade adventure cars, the just right power and body size are quite suitable for beginners who want to try adventure cars.

Future modification plan

I really want to change the front and rear suspension and tires, but because I don’t ride for a long time, so… let’s talk about it!

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Source “Webike magazine”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled


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