[The owner has something to say]Neo-classical style is supreme! YAMAHA「XSR155」

The[Car owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “ヘロン・ローズさん” will share his riding story with XSR155!

Through the analysis and evaluation of the car owner on the car-XSR155, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of XSR155 from multiple angles.

Basic vehicle information

Car model XSR155
Years 2020
Displacement 155 cc
Purchase time November 20
Current mileage About 2,930 km
Fuel consumption About 46km/L
Motorcycle status In possession

Car features

The most suitable use High-speed cruise ride
Recommended to such knights Looking for a motorcycle that is convenient to ride
Features Good fuel consumption

Purchasing motivation, purpose, comparison of car models

Purchasing motivation:I have fallen in love with cycling recently, so I want to buy a car that is easy to handle and does not cost too much to hold. After screening according to conditions such as appearance design, vehicle selling price and displacement, the XSR155 that meets my needs is the one that meets my needs. .

use:As mentioned above, he is most often rode for a one-day walk. If the weather is good, sometimes he will ride him to and from get off work.

Compare cars:No.


1. What I love the most is of course the appearance full of neoclassicism, which is quite rare at this level.
2. I also like its body that has sufficient power but is easy to handle, and the single-cylinder engine with the same VVA structure as the YZF-R15.
3. LED headlights, taillights, auxiliary sliding clutch, inverted front fork, etc., the body is equipped with quite abundant and sufficient.


1. Although the displacement is only 155cc, the height of the seat cushion is much higher than expected. A rider who is not tall enough may feel uneasy about the grounding of his feet.
2. Another point should be the exhaust sound! After all, it is a single-cylinder engine with a small displacement. The exhaust sound cannot be compared with a large displacement or multi-cylinder engine, but because its sound is very similar to the HONDA MB5 I used to ride, I like it very much.

Advice for future buyers

The height of the seat cushion is very high. It is recommended to take a trial ride before making a decision before purchasing.

Future modification plan

It was originally made of silver, but the cushion, fuel tank, and soil removal have been replaced by black by me. The status quo should be maintained for the time being.

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