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[The owner has something to say]It must be owned once! HONDA「NSR250R」


The[Car Owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “ぽっぽや” will share his riding story with NSR250R!

Through the owner’s analysis and evaluation of the car-NSR250R, we can let the car friends understand the advantages or disadvantages of the NSR250R from multiple angles.

Basic vehicle information

Car model NSR250R
Year type 1994
Displacement 250 cc
Purchase time
Current mileage
Fuel consumption
Motorcycle status In possession

Car features

Most suitable use Ride on a winding road
Recommended to such knights People who can repair themselves even if they fail
Features Has excellent cornering performance

Purchasing motivation, purpose, comparison of car models

Because I already own MC21, I want MC18 or MC28. However, the MC18 in good condition is rare and the parts are almost unavailable. There are just two MC28s sold through the owner’s personal self-sale. After seeing the car condition, I thought it was good and bought it.

Riding mainly on winding roads, the mileage is less than 100 kilometers per month and about 500 kilometers per year. Except for the brake hose and consumables, the vehicle itself is dynamically saved under normal conditions.


1. I think the strongest performance is the 1988 style, the best is the 1990 style, and the most stable is the 1994 style.
2. I think MC28 is full of things Honda engineers want to do and want to try.
3. I think that in the normal range, the riding feeling of MC28 is softer than that of MC21. This may be due to the riding posture and the relationship between output and transmission ratio
4. The turning performance is very good.
5. Engine control, frame structure, sleek and charming body… It is a pleasure to have it.


1. Poor fuel consumption, but this is the fate of the two-stroke car.
2. From the perspective of the shape of the motorcycle, it is natural that the loadability is not good, but the small storage space inside the seat is very convenient
3. The grip angle has a bad influence on the handling, but there is no problem as long as the angle is modified.

Advice for future buyers

The following suggestions are not limited to NSR, that is, as long as you want a car, it is better to buy it, because you don’t want to regret that you missed a fateful encounter in your life. If you regret it because of impulse purchase, the most is I just resell it again~ I don’t like to regret it after doing nothing, so I choose to take action first and then reflect on it, but I think this is a good idea, because there is only one life in life that cannot be repeated.

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