[The owner has something to say]HONDA “FTR 223”

FTR 223 is developed based on the concept of Flat track in the United States, and has now become a representative street car model, which can be said to be a fashionable motorcycle ahead of the time. As mentioned above, the design was originally designed in the image of a flat track racing car, but when it was first released in Japan, where there is almost no dirt race culture, it was not very popular.

However, around 2000, street car models became very popular. The reason was that Takuya Kimura rode YAMAHA’s TW200 in the TV series, making the unpopular TW200 suddenly become a popular model. Although FTR has not been launched for a long time, but Has also become a popular car model.

In addition, street motorcycles are simple in structure and easy to modify, so they are strongly supported by owners who like to modify.

Mr. “HEAT RIDER” is one of them. I bought it because I like Dirt Tracker style, but also like modification and customization. In order to increase power, the camshaft was changed from the original factory to a high camshaft, and the carburetor was replaced and installed. While retaining the original style of the motorcycle, it has been modified to make it more individual. Even in its pristine condition, this motorcycle is light and easy to operate, making it a motorcycle that anyone can enjoy.

Because it is a 223cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, it is inevitable to feel dissatisfied with the power. If it is an environment where low and medium speeds are frequently used, there will be no dissatisfaction, but for people who want to run more aggressively, various specifications changes are required. In addition, due to the weak braking system, Mr. “HEAT RIDER” adopted the method of increasing the diameter of the brake disc to enhance the braking performance.

Mr. “HEAT RIDER” said, “This is a motorcycle that is very easy to ride. Although the size and strength are a bit confusing, it is very intimate.” It is also fun to ride the bike as it is, but it can also be used. Modify and customize it according to your own preferences!

Purchase motivation

I was looking for a 250cc street fighter-like car, but I was attracted by FTR’s Dirt Tracker style, so I found a used car in good condition and bought it.

I mainly ride in the city, not only as a means of transportation, but also when I want to enjoy the fun of riding, I also take into account the road conditions, it rides very fast in the city.


I like the Dirt Tracker style. The basic design looks like 80s, which I think is very good. This is a motorcycle that is very easy to ride under normal conditions. I think it is something anyone can enjoy. My motorcycle is the “HONDA FTR” that has evolved through modification and customization, and it is constantly evolving.

My goal for this FTR is to catch up with the former XR200R (MC04). I think the power and driving conditions have caught up. In the light and compact body, if you add the original power and torque of 223cc, you can transform it into an amazing and interesting motorcycle.


Considering the displacement of a single cylinder of 223cc, it is inevitable to feel weak. Normally, its torque in the low to medium speed range is easy to ride, but I think if you want to run harder, you must change the specifications. Compared with the former car XR200R (MC04), although the displacement is similar, the difference is too big. The fact that the brakes are too weak is also worrying.


The FTR is a very easy-to-ride motorcycle. Although the size and horsepower are a little bewildering, it is very intimate. This single-cylinder engine is highly efficient and durable, and can fully enjoy the fun of maintenance and modification. It is a good choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. Although normal riding is fun, it will be more interesting depending on the modification and customization, so it is also recommended as a basis for modification.

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