[The owner has something to say]HONDA “CBR954RR”

The[Car owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “Dai” will share his riding story with HONDA CBR954RR!

Through the owner’s analysis and evaluation of the car-HONDA CBR954RR, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of HONDA CBR954RR from multiple angles.


  • Driving age, the fun of riding a motorcycle

I have been riding for 35 years, and recently I only ride when traveling. (I used to use motorcycles when I went to work, but because of the dangers of motorcycles and other reasons, I stopped commuting.)

I used to like mountain running and participated in cross-country races.

Speaking of the fun of motorcycles, I really enjoy the process of repairing motorcycles. I am also repairing a worn-out Majesty 250, but it seems to take a lot of work because it is a long time useless car.

  • Start time

I bought a second-hand car around 2008 and have been riding since then, with a total mileage of about 50,000 kilometers.

  • Into the manual machine

Because I used to ride a ZZR1100, and then I wanted to ride a super sports car with a public upgrade. Originally I wanted the GSX-R1000, but I stumbled upon this cheap CBR and bought it on impulse.


  • Advantages

Because it is a fuel injection system, the engine has a good starting performance and is easy to handle in short.

The storage space under the cushion is also very large, you can put tools, ETC and towels.

  • About riding

This surprised me because it is fast, has good cornering performance, and has good braking performance. No matter how I ride it, I feel that I will not fall, although I did fall (laugh).

The fuel consumption is not bad, whether it is urban transportation or long-distance travel, the fuel consumption is about 15Km/L.

  • About appearance

This kind of design is pretty cool in modern times, and it won’t make people feel overwhelmed.


  • Shortcomings

Compared with modern super sports cars, although the riding position of CBR954 is relatively comfortable, it will still be tired and hands numb during long trips.

  • About riding

There is no dissatisfaction at all, no matter how you ride, I am very happy.

  • About appearance

It’s very cool, the only thing is that I am a little dissatisfied with it.


I thought it was an old car, so the current price is very affordable. I recommend it to people with a small budget.

However, the cheaper ones may have more mileage. If you can’t maintain it, it may be troublesome, but I think it is very interesting to modify it because there are still many parts available.

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