[The owner has something to say]Harley “FXDLS DYNA LOWRIDER S”

The[Car owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “mituru” will share his riding story with FXDLS DYNA LOWRIDER S!

Through the owner’s analysis and evaluation of the car-FXDLS DYNA LOWRIDER S, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of FXDLS DYNA LOWRIDER S from multiple angles.

Basic vehicle information

Years 2017
Displacement 1801 cc
Purchase time 2016/2
Current mileage About 33,100 km
Fuel consumption
Motorcycle status In possession

Car features

The most suitable use Road tourism
Recommended to such knights A knight who is worried about his feet on the ground
Features The sound of the engine is nice

Purchasing motivation, purpose, comparison of car models

Holding the idea of ​​”I will own a Harley one day”, I originally decided to buy it after retirement, but my wife said, “Are you sure you can ride such a big motorcycle after 60 years old?” So I made up my mind while still young ( Are you young in your 50s?) Purchased. (Instead, he was pushed by his wife~)


1. It is completely different from the Harley I imagined. It has the strength and toughness to climb.
2. When I first came into contact with it, the engine vibration was so great that I felt “Is this normal? Is there a problem with the car?” But after getting used to it, I felt irresistible to the vibration (jumping) of it. I felt that I You can always ride it to any place.
3. The exhaust sound of a V-twin engine is addictive.


1. For the “uncle in his fifties”, the weight of a car over 300kg is a bit difficult to load (fortunately the seat height is so low that the feet are on the ground)
2. When parking, you must consider how to stop. If you are not in the right direction, you will not be able to get out (laughs), although you can exercise in this way (is it correct to exercise in this way?).
3. Driving in the suburbs is not a big problem, but the waste heat generated by the engine when traffic jams will make people smell like barbecues… It’s so risky that I’m used to it (laughs).

Advice for future buyers

In most cases I travel alone, and every day I can’t wait to hope that the weekend will come soon and I can go cycling.

Not limited to Harley, I think it will be very hard after retirement, so if you want to realize your dream, please don’t hesitate! Whether it’s riding, washing a car or simply watching, as long as the life of owning a motorcycle is very interesting.

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Source “Webike magazine”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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