[The owner has something to say]Civilian fighter jets! YAMAHA「YZF-R6」

The[Car owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, “quinoa” will share his riding story with YAMAHA YZF-R6!

Through the owner’s analysis and evaluation of the car-YAMAHA YZF-R6, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of YAMAHA YZF-R6 from multiple angles.


·Driving age, fun of riding a motorcycle

From the time I got my driver’s license to riding a mid-size car, I am still a novice, with less than 5 years of riding experience.

The way to enjoy is riding, traveling, and daily maintenance. I think it can meet all the needs of vehicles, such as commuting, traveling, track riding, and the fun of hands-on maintenance.

·Starting time

On April 29, 2017, it has been 3 years since the new car was purchased and the total mileage was 49,815 kilometers.

·Into the manual machine

I bought the YZF-R25 in the same store at the beginning. I think it looks cool and can satisfy the novice practice. After I accumulated enough riding experience, I went back to the store to buy and exchange bikes. Hayabusa.

But after riding the R6, even though the handlebars are lower than the R25 and the front is more forward-leaning, I bought it on the spot because it looks cool and I think it will be fun to ride on it.

I usually take a one-day tour of about 300km or a long-distance tour of about 2000km, as well as track riding. I will also take a two-person tour in the near future. I will also personally maintain and replace consumables, such as transmission chainrings, chains, oil, and brake Come to make films and so on.



If it is used for traveling, it can be used for leisure riding under 8000 rpm. If it is on the track, it can be increased to more than 8000 rpm to break through. I think it can fully meet my car needs.

·About riding

As mentioned above, with 8000 revolutions as a watershed, a car has two personalities.

·About appearance

Very handsome, you can sum it up in one sentence

▲Speaking of YZF series, we have to mention dark blue metallic color



In the spirit of doing whatever you like, there is only one defect that cannot be improved, that is, it has no loading capacity when riding in two. YZF-R6 also has the common loading problem of imitating racing models, because even under the seat, it has to be Choose between ETC or vehicle tools.

If it is not a tandem ride, then the loading capacity is not a problem. The picture shows Iris Oyama RVBOX 600 (40 liters) and Tanax Motofizz Multi-Fit Side Bag M MFK-186 (28 liters). This is the configuration I used when I was on a one-week camping trip. There is a total of 68 liters of load. the amount.

·About riding

No dissatisfaction! Although I want to say the same, it is impossible to challenge a high-displacement car in straight acceleration. The only possibility to approach is in the corners.

·About appearance

There are no shortcomings, since YZF-R25 it is very handsome, the original appearance is flawless.

▲Even on imitation racing models with weak load capacity, 68L luggage can be loaded with a little ingenuity!


Whether it is recommended for appearance, riding, or name, you can find something you like about it.

My original intention to purchase YZF-R6 was for track use, but after I bought it, I often took a day trip because I liked its appearance, and it was not restricted by its appearance. “You can do it as long as you want to ride.” This is what this motorcycle taught me.

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“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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