The original singer can't sing his own song series? Xiao Tuan Tuan debuted a single, and the scene was so ancient

The original singer can’t sing his own song series? Xiao Tuan Tuan debuted a single, and the scene was so ancient

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In recent years, the rise of the live broadcast industry has allowed more and more anchors to stand out, and even game anchors are also versatile. For example, the small groups of the Douyu PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds section, the strange characters and various tricks, bring a lot of joy to everyone. Some time ago, with her sweet and sultry voice, Xiao Tuan Tuan won the popular champion in Tencent QQ Music and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Division of “Star Voice Please Debut”, as a reward program group personally tailored a brand new song for Xiao Tuan Tuan, which is The ancient song “Paper Kite” released in the early morning of April 16.

This song is hard to sing

“This song is hard to sing” is a straightforward comment from Xiao Tuantuan. On the day of the new song’s first release, Xiao Tuantuan also shared the song with the friends in the live broadcast room for the first time. When the friends asked to listen to the “live” version, maybe it was because Xiao Tuantuan was not in the state just after waking up, so he cleared his throat first. After that, it was out of tune, and even the lyrics could not be remembered, and the water friends ridiculed “the original singer can’t sing his own song series”. It turned out that this was the first time Xiao Tuantuan performed “Paper Kite” live. After many adjustments, the ancient melody finally slowly flowed out. Xiao Tuantuan’s sweet and beautiful voice made “Paper Kite” easy to control, and the chorus was a bonus for the drama. , Hold it in place. The overall sound is better than the official version, and it seems that the tone is not modified at all.

Chorus becomes solo

Speaking of the origin of this song, Xiao Tuan Tuan is eloquent. When participating in the “Star Voice Please Debut” in the cooperation between Tencent QQ Music and Douyu PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the champion Xiao Tuan Tuan was invited to sing a new song with a male celebrity. However, on the day of recording, the chorus became solo…

Xiao Tuantuan’s long-awaited male celebrity didn’t see it either, and his voice was dumb. He said aggrieved: “This song is tuned so high, I have never recorded a song until my voice is dumb. Water friends said with distress that the song is very good, but who is the male star? Xiao Tuantuan responded with a guilty conscience: I am not very clear about it. It is impossible for a male star who is particularly popular and popular to sing with me…

Life is not easy, versatile

In fact, as an anchor in the game zone, Xiao Tuan Tuan is not only a good-looking, but also very vocal, it is indeed a difficult and versatile female anchor. The real and interesting soul has also made her a big anchor with 20 million fans of Douyu. She also ate chicken with the star Chen He Jialing during the Chinese New Year. Faced with the current state that no one knows and no one knows, Xiao Tuantuan has always adhered to its original intention. The various program effects created during the live broadcast did not come out of thin air. The degree of intention behind it can be imagined.

This time, the quirky little Tuan Tuan broke the quirky tune with distinctive rhythm, and easily interprets the ancient and elegant “Paper Kite” with beautiful tunes. It also refreshed the water lovers. The live broadcast room is a “good tuan”! And Xiao Tuantuan successfully approached the singer from the game anchor.


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