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The original author of the Japanese manga “Hua Youjing Maid Team” Mori Fan dies in suicide

Recently (July 3), the official website of Akita Bookstore in Japan announced the death of cartoonist Mori Fan (もりしげ) on June 30. It has created well-known romantic comedy comics such as “Huayoujing Maid Team” and “Love in Seven”.


The following is the original obituary of Akita Bookstore:

On June 30 just past, Mr. Mori Fan died.

He has published many serialized works such as “Huayoujing Maid Team”, “Love Seven Group”, “Student Vector”, “Sakura × Sakura”, “Miss Snow is the Maid at Home”, and is a well-received Readers love the talented writers.

Once again, thank you for your performance, and sincerely pray for you.


On July 2, a tweet “The cartoonist Mori hangs suicide” was posted on Twitter called “Official Mori Fan Account”, according to the temporary tweet used in the apology in “Miss Snow is the Maid at the Door”. According to the special account, the authenticity of the Twitter account is high. (Push the message suspected to be published by his wife)
※The account has been deleted (@morishige114510), and the temporary account remains (@ofKcrYzEX33GQyx)


Previously, his wife had been exposed to schizophrenia in 2018, often swearing on Twitter, and speaking against editors. Therefore, it was forced to announce the fact that “Sen Fan” actually used the pen name for the husband and wife.

(For more related information, please refer to the “Miss Bai Xue is the housemaid” stop serializing incident, the incident is more sensitive, please Baidu for details)


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