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The origin of lucky money, do you accept or give lucky money?

Red envelopes are indispensable customs in the traditional New Year in our country in particular. So have you ever wondered why this is the custom? By giving lucky money, adults in the family hope their descendants will have a good year and good luck. In addition, lucky money is given from young people to the elders in the family to express gratitude and celebrate the new year.

Lucky money is the transliteration of market advantage (lì shì) in Chinese meaning good, good, good luck, good luck, money. Red envelopes with red envelopes symbolize fortune, will, prosperity. Therefore, the color red always appears in Tet holidays and jokes. Although there are many stories about the origin of lucky money, after I found out, I found that these two stories are quite popular. It is a legend that said, ancient times there was a monster named Nian. One night, they escaped from the forest and harmed the people. On that night, parents will also give their children red packets to protect themselves, bribing monsters or evil spirits.

Another story tells that, there is a demon named Sui, when the protection gods returned to heaven at New Year’s Eve, harassing children while sleeping, to protect their children, parents. usually do not dare to sleep to stay awake. On one occasion, a couple gave their child a penny to play with, and they left it at the pillow and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, when the demon came to harass the child, the light that shone from the coin scared the demon and fled. This quickly spread, people put money in red bags to give to neighbors and children with the desire to be healthy, lucky and have since become the custom it is today.

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The beauty of this custom is not in the amount of celebration inside, but in the luck, goodwill of the giver and the meaning that people want to convey. During the time of the Nation (20th century), people often put 100 cents in lucky money, meaning to live until 100 years old. The change from coins to banknotes, a new tradition emerged, parents often exchanged notes with a series of constantly increasing serial numbers representing continued success.

Today, under the development of technology, in addition to traditional red envelopes, lucky money through commercial wallets is also a popular form and a new trend. Thereby, you can send to your friends or loved ones from afar. Depending on how you feel differently, lucky money is still a tradition and tradition.

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