The Origami House - The perfect harmony between architecture and nature 3 minutes to read

The Origami House – The perfect harmony between architecture and nature 3 minutes to read

People are gradually crouched in the four narrow walls of large cities and still pain every day to find a new living space. For that reason, the trend of living associated with nature is becoming more and more popular among the crowded modern society.

And on an accidental occasion, KAT, Design studio specializes in interior design took the idea from the origami paper and began to put them into the roof, forming many small slots to guide light into the corners of the house in an artistic and full of sophistication.

This unique house is located on a hillside and looks straight through the national protective forest, surrounded by fresh green trees, facing the ground floor roof to welcome sunset and the attic facing east to catch dawn every morning. . The dining area table is located next to a fragrant flower garden next to 3 bedrooms that opens in many directions to create extremely interesting views.

In addition, KAT also brought in the design details of the modern Mid-Century design at the request of the landlord along with the color and interior materials coordinated with freshness and harmony, giving a energetic energy source full of vitality in the natural hilly and mountainous areas.

What is Mid-century Modern?

This is a style that is said to have formed and developed between the mid-1930s and 1960s. This style is inspired by the Bauhaus style that emphasizes function. At that time, the Second World War gradually ended, the economy and science and technology had changed. Many residential areas are formed, bringing with them a rapidly increasing demand for simple and modern housing, compact and modern furniture. That was when the Mid-century Modern design style was formed and endured until today.

Let iDesign see this poetic architectural work through the series of images above!

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Editor: Nam Vu

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