The official announcement broke up! The little princess of Beijing circle was also dumped?

The official announcement broke up! The little princess of Beijing circle was also dumped?

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Recently, Zhang Jike was photographed as a suspected new relationship.

It is also amazing to say that whether it is the new girlfriend this time or the previous Jin Chen, every time Jike has a new emotional trend, there will always be people who eat melon cue to ex-girlfriend Jing Tian.

The couple who have been bees for eight hundred years have been favored by many people. The “K♡T” (科♡甜) written on the snow is also really romantic.

But in the end, not only did they leave no room for the breakup, but the fans on both sides were in a quarrel. Jing Tian fans think that the other party is not worthy of their sister, Zhang Jike fans insist that the woman depends on the sponsor.

Speaking of it, Jing Tian’s background has always been a mystery.

In fact, in recent years, Jing Tian’s resources have declined a lot with the naked eye, and his “background theory” has been greatly diluted.

But after all, it used to be the sweet “flower of wealth” with Bai Bing, Han Xue, and Gan Wei.

The so-called Bingxueweitian, also known as the Four Beauties of the Capital, always appears inseparable from words like “background” and “shortcut”.

At that time, there was a jingle in the circle: Bingxuewei is sweet, very rich. Today, let’s talk about the most mysterious beauty in the “Four Beauties”-Jing Tian. 01 Some people have been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years before they can be seen by the audience because of a certain role. Some people are born as protagonists when they debut, and have the best production team and resources. As for Jing Tian, ​​it feels like both. At the age of 19, he released his first song “Who Are You”. Producer Zhang Yadong, MV director is Ning Hao, who made the fire with “Crazy Stone”.

Those who can invite these two people are usually seniors in music circles like Piao Shu and Li Yuchun, so Jing Tian, ​​who was still a rookie at the time, was a little surprised.

However, no matter how great the production is, the album has no splashes, but the title of the song is remembered.

Since then, the entertainment industry has added an unsolved mystery-

“Jing Tian, ​​who are you?”

No wonder netizens have raised such questions, mainly because this resource is true. In 2007, he was appointed as the spokesperson of the Northwest Cherry Association and was received by the Governor of Washington.

In the same year, he was admitted to Beijing Film and became classmates with Zheng Shuang, who later made trouble in the entertainment industry.

Before Zheng Shuang had encountered the “Meteor Shower”, Jing Tian had already partnered with Zhao Wei and Liu Ye in “A Woman’s Epic”.

21 years old, starring in the TV series “Grand Biography” with Zhang Fengyi;

22 years old, partnered with He Rundong in the movie “My Beautiful Boss”;


At this time, she hadn’t even graduated from Beiying.

However, it is only a familiar face in the circle, and to really make the public realize this girl with defying resources, we have to talk about the movie “Warring States”.

In this movie, Jing Tian and Sun Honglei staged a “Twilight Love”, with Jin Xishan and Wu Zhen Yutong supporting her.

The fire is a torch, but it is black and red.

In particular, Sun Honglei later mentioned in an interview that some local tyrants invest in movies for the purpose of picking up girls, which is hard not to make people think.

After “Warring States”, Jing Tian continued to hang up again, starring in Jackie Chan’s “Police Story 2013” with partners Yen Zidan, Zhou Yunfa, Liu Ye…

“Background Theory” reached its peak in Zhang Yimou’s “The Great Wall”. How amazing is the lineup? Oscar winners Matt Damon, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Lu Han, Wang Junkai…

To play bones, play bones, flow and flow, and Jing Tian is the only heroine inside.

In those years, the big guys Jing Tian worked with traversed China and the West.

However, even with such support, she was still so confused that she didn’t even know her. Ren Zaihong’s star standing next to her would be like thrown into a black hole, without any redness remaining, only the bottomless black. 02

There are many rumors about who Jing Tian’s gold master is.

She once revealed that she has a boyfriend, and it is also because of his encouragement to embark on the path of acting.

Some people speculated that it was the strange man in Jing Tian’s photos, but it was denied.

The most widely rumored is the founder of a film and television company named Lu Zheng,

Because of his investment in film and television works, Jing Tian has participated in almost all of them.

There are also rumors that Jing Tian has something to do with the national husband, Lu Zheng Film and Television Company is near Wanda, and Jing Tian participated in the Wanda red carpet.

But Boss Wang said that this material has nothing to do with it.

Of course, what Jing Tian is the illegitimate daughter of Sicong,

What Shanxi coal boss is obsessed with Jing Tian,

What dad is Minister Jing of zxb,

Weaving materials came out endlessly from various sources, and everyone saw it with gusto, but they were all clarified one by one. So far, no one knows who was the first to hold Jing Tian.


In fact, looking back again, Jing Tian’s not popular has a big reason with the script she accepted.

The same big heroines in the past have a strong lineup, but they seem boring and empty.

Acting is also on the one hand, and it’s okay to carry it alone, but Jing Tian just wants a group of drama bones to set off, and it will only be hanged.

Until 17 years, I met “Glory of the Tang Dynasty”.

Although the lineup is not better than before, the partner is Xiaosheng Ren Jialun, but it is this drama that allows everyone to see Jing Tian’s agility and nature.

In the same year, Jing Tian publicly stated that he was single.

After that, the resources are not visible to the naked eye.

But it is amazing that the popularity of passersby is obviously much better than before. Jing Tian seems to have found her own position, faded away from the princess of Beijing, showing her cute side like a girl next door.

Down-to-earth beauty live broadcast,

The careless performance in the variety show,

There are also street skewers like ordinary girls,

She has a lot of fans because of her honest character.

At the same time, the acting is finally no longer the “highly cold face” that hasn’t changed for thousands of years, and the funny and cute can also be very lively.

Although resources drove high and low, word-of-mouth soared, which was a blessing for Jing Tian.

Sometimes red really depends on fate, but sometimes, you have to find the right position yourself. On this basis, improve your business ability, and one day you will be seen.

May wants to say:

Today’s Da Tiantian has finally lived up to the attitude of the heroine. I hope to continue working hard and bring us good works.


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