The note when using smart smart Xiaomi Townew trash

The note when using smart smart Xiaomi Townew trash

The situation is to read his article Didu about the smart Xiaomi Townew garbage bin, so I bought it immediately to use it. After 4 months of experience, I saw some problems that the article has not mentioned, now write this article to share with you are using and about to use.

1. Should be near the power outlet: this battery runs, the battery is plugged in, so it is best designed to be as close to the power socket as possible, but the battery is empty. :)

2. Limit the removal of garbage that easily attracts insects: take the tea flap away, it crawls up the sensor to make the lid open the trash continuously like a ghost, please note

3. Check the bag of garbage bags carefully before packing: I stick the broom hair to make the mouth of the bag not fit, open the new garbage bag, make the garbage stand at the bottom, foul smell, bad luck bad luck The trash bin, ATTENTION

4. Buy and store garbage bags: buy 5 available 6 to spend, not to go to buy, 1 set of bags (30 bags) 60k, 6 set 360k, I buy combo 6 set with 320k, buy available and save both time, saving money.

Note that after 4 months of use, you feel useful to support me 1 like 1 subscribe offline, trainee youtuber :)

P / S: I see on the official website and confirm with Didu that this trash can not be packed when the garbage is full, I must press it to pack. It is packed with human impact, not automatically.

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