The Norwegian scout left when the MiG-31 showed off its weapon

The Norwegian scout left when the MiG-31 showed off its weapon

According to the Russian National Defense Control Center, the incident took place on January 29. “The Russian control system has detected two strange targets flying in the direction of Russian airspace over the Barents Sea. Immediately, MiG-31 interceptors equipped with weapons received the task of intercepting sorties.

The Norwegian police disappeared when the MiG-31 showed off
Russian MiG-31 fighter.

When approached close enough, the Russian side discovered that the US F-16 was escorting the Norwegian Air Force Falcon-20 radio-electronic warfare aircraft. After receiving the warning from the Russian fighters, both planes changed direction to fly away from Russian airspace, “Russia Control Center said.

This is the latest move by the US and the West near the Russian border on the Barents Sea after the US and British navies together appeared in the area in May 2020.

The US Navy’s 6th Fleet said the US Navy Porter, Donald Cook, Franklin Roosevelt and British destroyer Kent entered the Barent Sea. In addition, US reconnaissance aircraft P-8A and RC-135 also participated in the sea patrol with these ships.

According to the original plan, the US and British warships will be present in these waters until mid-May 2020. But what is quite surprising is that after exactly five days to the Barents Sea, the 6th Fleet and the British Navy decided to end the patrol mission earlier than planned.

Although the fleet entering the Barents Sea has only four ships, the overall combat capabilities of these ships are relatively strong. Destroyers Porter, Donald Cook, Franklin D. Roosevelt are Arleigh Burke class ships of the US Navy, considered the most powerful and most numerous guided missile destroyers in the world today.

These destroyers provide a “magic shield” that protects the US and its allies from the threat of ballistic missiles. Equipping with AN / SPY-1 electronically scanned array radar, SM-2/3 interceptor missiles and Aegis defense systems turn the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer into an anti-ballistic and anti-ballistic complex. the most effective crystals in the US Navy payroll.

The reason why the US and British warships left this waters was not informed, but it was quite coincidental that this decision with the Russian Navy switched to phase 2 (real bullets) destroying and submarine hunting exercises at Barents Sea region.

The Russian exercise was conducted according to the scenario of an anti-submarine warships squadron dispatched to hunt for enemy mounts entering Russian waters, the Russian Northern Fleet said in a statement.

In the training area, the reconnaissance and attack forces began to hunt down enemy submarines invading Russia. The drills were conducted with the participation of the submarine hunting fleet, Il-38 aircraft.

Along with that are the minesweepers Vladimir Gumanenko, Kotelnich and Solovetsky Yunga on duty to find deal with sea mines. The exercise is divided into 2 phases. Stage is reconnaissance, cooperative training at sea.

Phase 2 starts from May 8. This is the stage when warships and aircraft will fire real bullets at the enemy’s drones in waters off Murmansk, in the Barent Sea.

The special thing is that the exercise began on May 7, but the end date is unknown. According to the Russian Northern Fleet’s announcement: “Exercise will take place in a few days or longer if necessary and everything must depend on the actual situation in this sea”.

After the Russian announcement, the US and British forces left the waters earlier than planned.

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