The noble act of sacrifice makes gamers tear up

A good game will touch the gamer’s emotions. In the process of exploring the plot, sometimes you will have to witness sad scenes, the heroic sacrifice of a certain character. Whether they are the main character or the supporting character.

Often scenes like this will make gamers extremely heartbreaking. It is not just a person who has passed away, but sometimes it will be extremely emotional moments. Because the character is inherently too attached to the player, until “hands down”, he leaves boundless grief. Here are the lofty sacrifices that make gamers tear up.

Tali – Mass Effect 3

Many of you who have played through Mass Effect 3 will be surprised to learn an interesting fact that Tali character can lose his life in this part. The reason you do not know is probably because you have not taken the time to complete Tali’s plot.

What makes Tali’s death so painful and painful is that you are almost the main cause of her death. Tali will plunge yourself into the abyss if you make too many wrong choices in Rannoch’s story. Having to see her entire race being wiped out by a longtime enemy makes Tali unbearable.

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Even BioWare even more salt in the hearts of players by tricking us into thinking that Tali still has the ability to save lives. While she is falling, the protagonist Commander Shephard will rush to save her, Right now, the screen will show the QTE button (quick time event). If you react in time, Shephard will try to reach out his hand, but then Tali will also be lost.

The Protagonist – Persona 3 FES

At the beginning of the game, the words “Memento Mori” (roughly translated: remember that you will die) will appear, signaling that you will lose your life sooner or later. Therefore, players also need to prepare mentally in advance. But the truth is Persona 3 will still make you feel extremely heartbreaking when the end-game credit screen starts running.

The main character’s death is not the first thing that makes gamers feel pain in their hearts. That “title” must have belonged to Shinjiro – a team member who was shot to death while protecting a boy. Shinjiro’s sacrifice was sudden, but the main character’s death was cleverly incorporated in the 20 minutes of the game’s end.

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After the protagonist sacrifices all of his blood in the final battle, you will have him say his last words to his friends. Watching a character that I have been attached to for nearly a hundred hours faints is a painful feeling. Even in the final cutscene, he was no longer standing, causing many gamers to swallow tears inside.

When the main character closes his eyes and hands, Persona 3 also adds to you an extremely touching and deep music, deeply absorbed in the great loss that the protagonist has left in mind. Persona 4 and 5 might be of better quality, but from an emotional perspective this 3rd season is still the top of the pack.

Bobby the Bob-omb – Paper Mario: The Origami King

Bright colors, funny dialogues … these are all factors that make up the attraction in the game Paper Mario. You will be accompanied by a paper fairy named Olivia and a neutralized bomb named Bobby (also known as Bob-omb). Thought everything was going well, Olivia suddenly had an accident and was trapped under a giant rock.

So to rescue Olivia, Bobby comes up with the idea with Mario … heading out into the ocean on a boat. Bobby then confides in a close friend who passed away, and as the two fight for a box, Bobby tells Mario that inside is the fuse of his lost friend.

So Bobby attached the fuse to himself and said a few last words to thank Mario and Olivia. Then ignite herself to destroy the rock, rescuing Olivia. Mario tries his best to stop Bobby from committing suicide, but fails. What was left was an atmosphere of sadness, as Mario and Olivia realized that a friend had sacrificed himself to help everyone.

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The Boss – Metal Gear Solid 3

The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3 had a “beautiful death” but also extremely tragic. Leaving the world in itself was very sad, the one who pulled the trigger to end her is … you.

The Boss was dedicated to the country, but in the end received a turn and betrayal. The Boss knew that would happen, and she willingly sacrificed her life to honor the country that had abandoned her.

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Naked Snake, the protagonist of the game, was deeply hurt after the death of his friend. The ending of the game is the scene where Snake bows to The Boss, now lying under an unknown grave. Now, if you click on the right Shoulder button, you will be moved back to Snake’s perspective. However, you will not be able to see clearly anymore because the screen is already blurred in his tears.

Sayori – Doki Doki Literature Club

The Doki Doki Literature Club game has quickly gained popularity since its release in 2017, mainly because of the “dark” level behind its pure appearance. New players, you may find this game quite cute, but the game will quickly become horror, breaking the “fourth wall”. And this change began after Sayori’s death.

By the end of the first game, the upbeat chirped Sayori will reveal to you that she’s depressed. The fact that she showed love with her innocent and radiant appearance was just to keep herself from falling apart. And Sayori knew she wouldn’t be able to last forever. At this point, you will have 2 options. One is to accept her confession and become her boyfriend. The other is to reject her and keep relationships on a friend level.

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If you choose the latter, Sayori will laugh like mad and run away, only to see Sayori by hanging herself in her room the next time you see her. If you choose the first one, things are not much better. Sayori will realize that a relationship is unable to get her out of her depression, then hang her back after returning home.

It is a heartbreaking mental health fact. There is no miracle here. It was an endless struggle for the sick. And if they have decided to end their miserable lives, no one will be able to stop …

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