The next issue of "Quick Book" is not broadcast first, and the guests are all popular stars. After watching the trailer: the ratings are stable

The next issue of “Quick Book” is not broadcast first, and the guests are all popular stars. After watching the trailer: the ratings are stable

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In recent years, there have been a lot of variety shows with good reputation, and the types of variety shows have become diversified. However, there is also such a phenomenon that the quality of the program is guaranteed at the beginning, but after a few seasons, the content becomes more and more boring, resulting in a decline in word-of-mouth, and no one cares. This situation is not uncommon, and “Running Man” is the best example.

However, there are also some variety shows in our country, which have been broadcast for more than ten years and have maintained a good reputation. One of the programs is the familiar “Happy Camp”. Many netizens born in the 90s grew up watching this variety show, right? Everyone has deep feelings for several hosts on the show. No one thought that “Quick Book” would become popular for many years, which also proved that the quality of the program was indeed good.

Many programs will not introduce new ones and keep their original taste, but this will cause aesthetic fatigue to the audience, and everyone likes to watch new things. At this point, “Quick Book” set an example. Each episode of the program has a special theme, and the guests invited are also recent hot actors, which naturally attracted many people.

The next issue of “Quick Book” will be popular before it airs, and netizens who have watched the preview have expressed their expectations. We all know that the guests in each issue are different people. The guests in the previous issue are all familiar singers and actors, and the show’s popularity remains high. Which celebrities did the show team invite this time?

Anyone who has watched the trailer knows that the theme of the next episode is the male god with long legs, so the stars invited are all high-value male stars. First of all, the first person everyone noticed was Xiao Xianrou Lin Yi. His appearance was very outstanding, especially his pair of big long legs, which was especially superior. The handsome guy became popular with a little sweet drama and is now a popular male star in the entertainment circle.

Yu Xiaotong and Xie Binbin are also outstanding male celebrities. They all wore black suits and looked particularly majestic. People may not know much about Xie Binbin. After all, he doesn’t have any good works, but his popularity is not low, and he has fans who are not young girls. I believe that as long as he is willing to work hard, his future development will not be bad.

In contrast, Yu Xiaotong’s reputation is much greater. Everyone knows that he has played Jia Baoyu and his masterpiece is still very famous. I don’t know what Yu Xiaotong grew up with. He is not very old, and the taller and taller he grows, it is totally different from ordinary people.

The guests in the next program are all popular stars. In addition to the above, there are Wang Dalu and Li Qin. Why put these two people together? Because the two collaborated on a TV series, which just finished the show not long ago, many viewers are knocking on the CP. The two are quite good in appearance, handsome men and beautiful women, besides, both of them are single. I wonder if they have a chance to become true lovers?

Many netizens have watched the trailer a long time ago and said: The ratings of the next program are stable and the popularity is definitely not low. Everyone thinks so. After all, the stars invited by the program group are very attractive. Who doesn’t like watching handsome guys? Moreover, Li Qin and Wang Dalu had a sweet interaction in the program, which sweetened everyone’s hearts.

Young netizens are still very satisfied with the guests of the next issue of “Quick Book” and said that they will watch it on time. “Quick Book” is still popular among netizens for 20 years. In addition to the novelty of the game, it also caters to the tastes of the audience. Do you like watching “Quick Book”?


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