The next issue of "Quick Book" has to be chased! 5 handsome guys gathered on stage, and the only female guest is the childhood goddess

The next issue of “Quick Book” has to be chased! 5 handsome guys gathered on stage, and the only female guest is the childhood goddess

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Many viewers love to watch “Happy Camp”, but this show has accompanied the viewers for many years, and it has a strong feeling for it! Although many people do not follow every episode of the show, they will watch it if they have favorite guest guests.

“Quick Book” has a strong lineup in the next issue, and it’s worth chasing

In fact, the lineup of guests invited in each issue of “Quick Book” is very luxurious. “Quick Book” is still very powerful in terms of inviting guests. Each issue of “Quick Book” has strong guest guests, and the program is also very interesting. .

It’s just like the next episode. From the editor’s point of view, it is a show worth chasing. This episode invites a strong lineup of guests to ensure that the audience will be happy! Judging from the preview, this time there will be five stars to help out, plus the six members of the happy limited group, there are eleven. Eleven people recorded the show together. This show is very lively.

5 handsome young guys gathered on the stage of “Quick Book”

When I watched the trailer, I found out that there are five handsome guys in this episode. This issue of “Quick Book” is a big benefit for Yan Gou, and it can be called “Yan Gou”. feast”.

Okay, let’s take a look at the lineup. The handsome guy is Xiao Ding first. Xiao Ding looks so handsome in this issue of “Quick Book”. He wears a plaid shirt and a black tie. He is sunny and cute. a feeling of.

The second handsome guy I want to talk about is Wu Lei, and Wu Lei’s brother is coming to “Quick Book”, the show is interesting! As we all know, Wu Lei is a person who can create atmosphere. He always warms up the scene every time he appears. His lively and playful character is very suitable for variety shows. This time he comes to “Quick Book” and will bring the show to the show. A lot of happiness came, and I look forward to Wu Lei’s performance.

This time Wu Lei came to “Quick Book”. This look is also quite handsome. He is wearing a white shirt, a black tie, and a denim vest. With his head cut, he has a refreshing, handsome and domineering look. temperament. With Wu Lei’s appearance, many girls were moved. Wu Lei was in “Quick Book”, this look is in love.

The third handsome guy I want to talk about is Wang Yanlin. Wang Yanlin has recently been described as “good spirits for happy occasions”. He and his girlfriend got a certificate and got married. It was really sweet. After marriage, he was in such a good state. He appeared in “Quick Book”. “Full of vitality, full of energy. Wang Yanlin is also very handsome in the trailer, dressed in a refreshing and clean white shirt, with the temperament of a male god.

The fourth handsome guy I want to talk about is Xiong Ziqi. Many viewers of Xiong Ziqi often see him on “Quick Book”. He is a frequent visitor of “Quick Book” and comes to help out from time to time. Xiong Ziqi is also a handsome guy, he is tall and handsome, and he also has the charm of a male god. But I don’t know if the food has been very good recently. Xiong Ziqi has some blessings, and his face has become rounded, adding some cuteness, haha.

The last male god I want to talk about is Hou Minghao. All of Hou Minghao’s friends are very familiar with him. He has acted in many TV series, whether it is modern or ancient costumes, he is very handsome! Hou Minghao is back in “Quick Book”. He is wearing a yellow striped shirt and his hair is cut short and refreshing. In the lens, he is gentle and sunny, and his temperament is perfect.

The only female guest is the goddess of childhood

The appearance of these five handsome guys in the next issue of “Quick Book” will make the audience seductive! In addition to these handsome guys, there is actually a goddess coming. There is only one female guest in the next program, Charlene Choi. Charlene Choi audiences are not unfamiliar, she is the childhood goddess of many audiences. In the 90s, Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung’s TWINS combination was popular all over the country, and many people were their fans.

Charlene Choi looks sweet and lovely, and her personality is also cheerful and lovely. She has been loved by the audience for so many years. This time she has come to “Quick Book”, and many people want to chase it! And in the trailer, you can see that Charlene Choi’s appearance status is very online, still so sweet and so cute, and her age has increased over the years, but this face has not changed, she is completely a childlike goddess!

The next issue of “Quick Book” is really exciting, are you looking forward to it? Let’s wait for next Saturday together.


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