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Microsoft’s new default web browser has been officially launched, but the most notable feature is the switch to using the open source engine also being used by a rival browser.

Think about it for a moment, you will realize how fast the world of technology has reversed in the past decade.

Just over a year after announcing the plan, on Wednesday, Microsoft officially launched its “reborn” Edge browser for Windows and Mac, based on the open-source Chromium project – the underlying technology. The platform is being applied in Google’s Chrome browser.

How could such a seemingly unreasonable story become a reality? First of all, no one uses Microsoft’s browser to test the website. It is an “implicit rule”. In fact, some developers YES check the compatibility and errors of the website they are developing with Microsoft Edge. But Internet Explorer “hoobae” once dominated the web browser market were never considered part of many conventional testing processes.

This is partly because Edge, the default browser on Windows 10, doesn’t work on older versions of Windows or on Mac. But another part is due to the rapid growth of Chrome and Firefox in the past decade. And since nobody uses Edge to test websites, browsing with this browser leads to compatibility and annoyance issues, so much so that Microsoft finally acknowledges that the situation is in place. must be unacceptable.

That’s what people talk about internally, and it explains why Microsoft has come to a decision that everyone has thought impossible for the past few years.


Market share of web browsers today

With the move to Chromium, the compatibility of websites with Edge is expected to improve significantly. In practical terms, it will have the greatest impact on the group of Windows users currently using Chrome. The move will make it easier for them to switch to Edge, with the ability to run extensions written for Chrome and quickly transfer passwords, favorites, and other browser settings from the installation. put Chrome currently available on your computer to the new Edge.

But the overall picture, Microsoft’s strategy shows that the browser market and the technology industry in general have changed a lot since the olden days when Internet Explorer was still dominating the web. Web browsers compete too aggressively, making Internet Explorer the center of an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.

With the launch of the new Edge, Microsoft decided to fight with weapons not only the engine that lies deep in the browser, but also advanced features, such as annotating PDF files, allowing searching within an intranet of a company from the search bar, and many other features designed specifically for businesses.

Edge also offers advanced security capabilities, and Internet Explorer mode to make older websites and applications work with greater compatibility. The company expects that the trade-offs they make when switching to the open source engine will entice new users, and retain existing users, with its other products and services, including Microsoft Bing, enterprise management technologies, and other products.

If you have not installed the new Edge, you can download it here, or wait a few more weeks for it to be installed automatically through Windows Update.


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