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The New York Times also had to criticize Mr. Biden for issuing too many executive orders

The New York Times (NYT) has criticized Joe Biden for signing too many executive decrees in his early days in office to evade Congress and remove the policy enacted by former President Trump.

37 decrees were signed by Mr. Joe Biden within 1 week.

In a Wednesday titled article “It’s easy to issue an executive order, Mr. Joe.”, The editorial board of the newspaper said the series of executive decrees “cannot become law.”

With a 50-50 division of the Senate and Democrats dominating a narrow majority in the House, the NYT argues that such a narrowly polarized Congress will be difficult for Mr. Biden to achieve such the legislature’s consensus on the issues he wants to enforce, except the use of executive ordinances. The newspaper wrote: “However, these ordinances are false substitutes for the law.”

The BBT of the left-wing paper also argues that these directives “It is intended to provide guidance to the government and must comply with the authority given by law or the Constitution to the executive branch. They do not create new laws – even though the executive decree enforces the effect of the law – and they are not intended to serve the will of Congress. In terms of enforcement, these ordinances have more limited effect than the law and the president who overdoing it will be intervened by the court. ”

Shortly after taking the oath of office on January 20, Mr. Biden signed the first three decrees, including reintegrating the United States into the Paris Climate Agreement; promote “racial equality” in health care; and requires masking in federal buildings.

He also signed a decree ending former President Trump’s 2017 travel ban against predominantly Muslim countries like Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen; stop construction of the US-Mexico border wall; rejoining the World Health Organization; extend eviction and foreclosure orders during a pandemic; freezing student debts; reverses environmental deregulation and suspends the deportation of people who were brought to the United States illegally as a child.

The editorial board concluded: “Undo some of Mr. Trump’s outrageous behavior is essential, but Mr. Biden’s legacy depends on his ability to make deals with Congress. During the campaign, he often touted his compromise skills and decades of experience as a legislator as reasons to elect him to replace Trump. The country now faces significant challenges to recover from a pandemic, from the global recession, from the erosion of safety nets, institutions and trust over the years. Now is the time for the new President to show the American people how a better country will change forever. ”

On Thursday (Jan. 28), the White House communications director, Kate Bedingfield, criticized the New York Times editorial in a tweet: “The New York Times editorial board criticized President Biden for his quick action, reversing the most extreme decrees of the former Trump administration, I cannot help but reiterate that during the election , they themselves have encouraged voters to consider what a president can achieve through the executive decree. “

“So my question is, what decrees has the President issued to reverse former President Donald Trump’s executive order that they want him not to follow? Of course we are also chasing our agenda through legislation. That’s why we’re working so hard to get the ‘American Rescue Plan’ passed, that’s the beginning! “

Nhat Minh (According to Just The News)

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