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The New US Secretary of State is popular with Democrats – Republicans | World

According to the Reuters, The Senate (100 seats) voted through candidate Antony Blinken with 78 votes in favor and 22 votes against.

Mr. Antony Blinken is close to Joe Biden, and was a senior official in the State Department under former President Barack Obama.

Speaking last week in the Senate, Mr. Blinken pledged to work more closely with allies after former President Donald Trump’s “America First” period.

Mr. Blinken also vowed to restore damaged US diplomacy, and build a united front to combat challenges from Russia, China, and Iran.

The 71st Secretary of State faces challenges in restoring US standing in the world and reinforcing a demoralized part of the Trump administration.

The 100-member Senate is divided 50-50 but is controlled by Democrats because Vice President Kamala Harris is currently the President of the Senate.

All the votes against Mr. Blinken came from the Republican Party.

The hearing confirmed Mr. Blinken went smoothly, as he was praised by both Democrats and Republicans.

Diplomats also sent their congratulations to Mr. Blinken, through the American Diplomatic Service Association (AFSA).

“The leader of the State Department, our nation’s oldest cabinet, has a great responsibility. As it did with its predecessors in the State Department, AFSA would like to extend greetings and greetings. Congratulations to Minister Blinken We wish the Minister and his team the best of luck in the coming years.FaSa and its members pledged to work side by side with them to strengthen the State Department, protect and strengthen itself American diplomacy. “

Graphics: Kieu Tu – Minh Hanh

According to Reuters


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