The new trailer for the guide version of ``Justice League'' is announced, the clown returns, and Darkside is domineering!

The new trailer for the guide version of “Justice League” is announced, the clown returns, and Darkside is domineering!

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Hello everyone, as the release date of “Justice League” directed by Zach Snyder is getting closer, many DC fans are also full of expectations for this movie. After all, everyone has been waiting for this movie for four years. Warner finally released a new preview of “Justice League” on February 14.

First of all, the existence of Superman in black is no longer news. In “Man of Steel”, Superman chose a red and blue armor. After this rebirth, he chose to wear a pure black suit. This story It is a tribute to the classic comic “Death of Superman.”

Of course, Zhadao’s idea is not so simple. Superman in black may also represent that Superman has lost a certain key quality in the resurrection. After all, in another timeline, Superman is completely blackened by the death of Louise.

The key second timeline:

In the new lens, we saw a scene previously reported on the Internet, where the Joker and Batman are fighting side by side, and behind Batman, there is another hero steel.

What they were facing was a ruined world, and new protoss spaceships with unique shapes were constantly flying in the sky.

In fact, the corresponding plot on this timeline has been revealed in “Batman vs. Superman”. The earth has become a wasteland, with huge Omega symbols imprinted on the ground, and Superman has relied on his own influence in humans. In forming his own guard, he has become a subordinate of Darkside, the new ruler of the earth.

So Batman wants to save the earth, he must find the key item to defeat Superman-kryptonite.

In the new lens, we saw the appearance of the Apocalypse for the first time. Darkside appeared domineering surrounded by demons and new gods, and Steppenwolf bowed in front of him.

Behind Tianqi are two extremely important subordinates. The role of Grandma Kindness does not know whether it will have some kind of linkage with another movie “New Protoss”.

Fortified Steppenwolf:

Compared with the Steppenwolf in the theater version of “Justice League”, the character design of the Zhadao version Steppenwolf is more domineering. He has an additional armor that can freely control the volume, and the barbs on his body make people shudder. Fighting this monster is simply a real nightmare.

Compared with the plot of Steppenwolf recycling mother box in the theater version of “Justice League”, Darkside in the Zhadao version is the real behind-the-scenes. The reason why he sent Steppenwolf to the earth is not just because of the mother. box. More he wants to conquer the world, or avenge the war of the ancients.

So Steppenwolf is just a striker. Even if he is defeated, the Justice League will face a more terrifying army of demons and the personal arrival of Darkside.

The problem is that director Zach Snyder’s original plan for “Justice League” was a trilogy, and now these plots are condensed into four hours, countless DC fans have been looking forward to so many years, Zha Dao can create again Miracle?


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