the new retrogaming-oriented cloud service

Plex, the media management service via the cloud, has just unveiled its vision of cloud gaming, Plex Arcade. A true virtual arcade room, Plex Arcade will offer a selection of classic Atari games, and unlimited access to your streaming ROMs.

Definitely, we can say that cloud gaming is on the rise. After the beginnings of Stadia, quickly followed by Amazon Luna, GeForce Now and Microsoft xCloud, it is now Plex that unveils its offer. However, it stands out on a number of points compared to the competition. Still in a test version, the service is already available at a price of $ 5, reduced to 2.99 for users already subscribed to Plex.

Credit: YT / Plex
Credit: YT / Plex

The first glaring detail about Plex’s new offering is that it doesn’t tackle the next-gen segment, or even the old-gen. Indeed, this offer is only retrogaming oriented, with Atari games available directly on Plex servers. Upon viewing the presentation video posted on YouTube, it could not be clearer that Plex is looking to train its users in a kind of modern arcade room. The latter having virtually disappeared, or almost, Plex seems to want to reinvent the concept and offer a similar experience from home. An original idea, and which has the merit of differentiate itself from other cloud gaming offers.

Plex Arcade: a catalog of Atari classics, and unlimited access to your streaming ROMs

One could argue that offering a handful of Atari games is not enough to justify an entry ticket of 5 euros per month. And this is where things get interesting, since Plex’s offering isn’t limited to its catalog. Besides the official Plex selection, it will be possible to upload your own ROMs from Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis and many other consoles. These ROMs will then be accessible from the server, giving the possibility to stream them from any device. An interesting idea, which if it will probably not revolutionize the use of ROMs, has the merit of innovating to allow retrogaming fans to access more modern support.

When it comes to controllers, Plex announced that any Bluetooth or USB controller will do. That said, Plex still recommends the Sony DualShock 4, or the Xbox One controller. More details on the compatibility constraints should arrive soon.

The service is available as a free 7-day trial. A great way to convince players to give in. Plex Arcade is unlikely to compete with large cloud gaming services, and it obviously does not have the vocation. On the other hand, this new service brings a very appreciable advantage to an already competitive offer. Somewhere, it is a logical continuation of Plex’s vision, which is to offer its users access to their own content, anywhere anytime.

As a reminder, Plex allows its subscribers to upload their movies, photos, music, on their server. It can then be accessed anywhere from the Plex app. A Netflix for your own files in a way, except it’s not limited to movies or series.

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