The new product of the savior game, three bursts of Ryzen 5000H+RTX30+ high score and high screen refresh

On the evening of March 30, Lenovo Rescuers launched the flagship series of R9000P 2021 and R9000K 2021 gaming notebooks, as well as the professional gaming notebook R7000P 2021. The three new products are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors and NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards. With the blessing of the new platform, the savior’s strength has once again ushered in a breakthrough.

On the evening of March 30, Lenovo’s 2021 Spring New Product Launch Conference was successfully held. This time Lenovo launched the flagship series of R9000P 2021 and R9000K 2021, as well as the professional gaming notebook R7000P 2021. The three new products are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors and NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards. With the blessing of the new platform, the savior’s strength has once again ushered in a breakthrough. As a tradition of the savior conference, when a new product is released every year, the savior will bring a lot of surprises to users. With this new product, the heat dissipation and screen that players are most concerned about have also been fully upgraded. As a leader in the field of gaming notebooks, Lenovo Rescuer has fully demonstrated its hard-core strength.

The hard core strength is outstanding, and the powerful performance is full of blood.

The three new products of the savior 2021 released this time are all AMD platform notebooks, equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 30 series discrete graphics. Gives the rescuer 2021 a strong combat power.

As a new product launched on the flagship model, R9000P 2021 is equipped with an R7 5800H standard pressure processor, with a maximum performance release of up to 80W. The powerful “inner core” brings sufficient power support for the operation of the game. Graphics card can be equipped with up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 3070, with its maximum power consumption of 140W, achieves the ultimate performance output and also supports ray tracing and AI rendering functions. Realistic light and shadow effects create immersive gaming enjoyment, bringing players immersive and hearty battles Experience. The rescuer R9000K 2021 unveiled at the same time can choose up to R9 5900HX standard pressure processor, the same performance release can reach 80W, and the highest is equipped with NVIDIA® The GeForce RTX 3080 discrete graphics card has an output power consumption of up to 165W. It can be said that R9000K 2021 is the best choice for the current flagship model. R7000P2021 is equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H standard pressure processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 3060 discrete graphics card. Multiple configurations provide users with a wealth of options.

Frost Blade’s cool cooling upgrade, the new screen breaks the boundary

In order to better control the powerful performance, the rescuer’s exclusive TSI frost blade cooling system has once again broken through and upgraded to the third generation. The full-covering thermal module and the design of the 84mm large-diameter turbo fan greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency and ensure every point of performance. Full release. The intelligent temperature control system schedules fan operation, balances temperature and noise, reduces interference, and helps players focus on fighting.

R9000P 2021 adopts the third-generation Frostblade Pro heat dissipation system, 5 high-performance heat pipes with graphite + copper foil auxiliary heat so that the heat can stay nowhere; the multi-zone air inlet and four air outlet design maximizes the limited space The heat exchange is completed with the cold air blown in by the fan, and the ventilation efficiency is higher. R9000K 2021 adopts the third-generation Frost Blade Ultra heat dissipation system, which is equipped with a full-area VC liquid-cooled soaking plate, and the whole machine has a stronger heat dissipation capacity. The third-generation TSI Frost Blade cooling system allows players to release their passion while maintaining the coolness of the fuselage, ensuring sufficient performance.

With the continuous innovation of 3A masterpieces and the continuous improvement of game picture quality, players are increasingly pursuing the ultimate visual experience. In this new product, the rescuer is all equipped with a 165Hz high refresh rate, 100% sRGB high color gamut gaming screen, with G-Sync/FreeSync Premium technology that can reduce screen tearing, and Dolby Vision high dynamic display technology. Brings players a more realistic and extreme picture performance.

The screen quality of R9000K 2021 and R9000P 2021 is even more shocking. The 2.5K, 500nits screen creates an immersive visual experience for players. With the 16-inch 16:10 golden ratio and ultra-narrow bezel full screen, it breaks the limit and has no boundaries to play. At the same time, DC dimming and Rheinland low blue light certification double eye protection, escorting players, immersed in battle without pressure.

Both internal and external training to help players secure the winning ticket

In addition, in the grasp of details, the rescuer 2021 also achieved the ultimate. In appearance, R9000K 2021 and R7000P 2021 follow the simple small “Y” lamp design, while R9000P 2021 follows the savior’s recognizable large “Y” lamp design. The three new products fully demonstrate the identity of e-sports players. , Faith is full. As the flagship model, R9000K 2021 is still equipped with global pirate ship RGB lighting effects, bringing more customization space.

The three products all support Dynamic Boost intelligent power distribution, which can provide stronger graphics performance according to user needs without manual intervention by the user, helping the product to maintain its best condition at all times. Dual-Direct GFX display switching, independent display direct connection and mixed display free switching, to meet the needs of use in different scenarios, to achieve a perfect balance between performance and battery life.

LEGION super fast charging, full 100W PD charging allows players to quickly replenish the state, anytime, anywhere, the battle starts; all products have rich interfaces, providing more expansion connection possibilities. The nuances reflect the ultimate pursuit of the savior for the player’s gaming experience, making the savior a hard-core equipment that truly understands the needs of the players and is tailored for the players.

In addition, the press conference also brought players the brand-new savior family products, including the savior Amilo co-branded mechanical keyboard, savior gaming monitor, savior backpack, and savior cooling bracket. Create a more complete game product ecology and bring players an integrated game solution.

For a long time, Lenovo’s savior has been deeply involved in the field of e-sports. This year, it was awarded the official partner of the LPL League of Legends Chinese Professional League and the top strategic partner of the JDG team, fully demonstrating the savior’s veritable e-sports gene, which is why , The rescuer can become the first choice of many e-sports players as a good partner and comrade-in-arms. As a representative product of powerful performance and excellent technology, Lenovo Saver has become a big IP in the hearts of players. The new products in the spring of 2021, both in terms of appearance and configuration, reflect the continuous efforts of Lenovo’s rescuers to meet the needs of users and the persistence of breakthrough innovation.

The new products of Lenovo Rescue 2021 will be sold online and offline in all channels. The starting price of the Rescuer R7000P 2021 notebook is RMB 7,499, the starting price of the Rescuer R9000P 2021 notebook is RMB 7,999, and the starting price of the Rescuer R9000K 2021 notebook is RMB 9,999, March 31. Online pre-sale will start at 0:00 on the day.


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