The new poster of the spokesperson of the Goose Factory, the four Xiaohuadan collectively celebrate the New Year, and some people's resources begin to fall behind

The new poster of the spokesperson of the Goose Factory, the four Xiaohuadan collectively celebrate the New Year, and some people’s resources begin to fall behind

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In this year, the Goose Factory announced eight spokespersons, Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Di Lieba, Yang Chaoyue, Yang Yang, Wu Yifan and Xiao Zhan. They are basically artists who cooperate closely with Goose Factory. Recently, the Goose Factory released the latest New Year greeting posters by several spokespersons. Among them, the scene of the four little Huadans celebrating the New Year together is quite attractive. After all, only the wealthy Goose Factory can gather so many big-name actresses.Four Xiaohuadan celebrate the New Year together, who is in better condition

The four Xiaohuadans mentioned here are the latest Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Yang Zi and Di Lieba. When the goose factory officials announced them as spokespersons, many fans said that “the gods are fighting.” No matter who they are, these four actresses are very powerful and have a lot of traffic.

It can be seen that Zhao Liying was placed first. Zhao Liying’s “You Fei” brought a lot of heat to the goose factory last year. Although Zhao Liying only broadcasted one work last year, after her postpartum comeback, the popularity was not counted. Too bad, Zhao Liying is relatively low-key, usually rarely activities and endorsements. Basically they are filming. It can be seen that compared with the other three actresses, she should have taken a gentle route, and she really feels like a fairy when she smiles.

Yang Mi has always been a fan of nurturing, and from the latest poster, she has successfully switched from the sweet girl character to the “A” character. In the poster, she is also the only female star with no smile. Yang Mi should be the most popular female star among the three recently. Because her new movie “Assassinated Novelist” was released recently. And the results and popularity are pretty good.

The face of Di Ali Reba’s poster feels a bit too p-picture. This look was a famous scene in the original Star Awards, and Reba’s face is also very delicate in the picture, without the stiffness of the poster. Especially the eyes are very strange, Di Lieba is the official announcement spokesperson, the least surprising, because Reba’s next “Long Song Xing” and “You Are My Glory” are all in the goose factory Broadcast.

Yang Zi should be the lowest profile of the three actresses. Both Yang Mi and Di Lieba attended the Spring Festival Gala this year, but Yang Zi’s image is so in line with the Spring Festival Gala, but this year they did not. It is estimated that you want to devote yourself to creation. Yang Zi also has “Legend of Life” to be broadcast at the Goose Factory, but the p-picture of the poster for Yang Zi is a bit rough, and you can see that there are obvious p-picture traces in her hair.

Someone’s resources have fallen behind this year

Among the four female stars, it is actually obvious that there is a certain gap. It may be seen from the current situation that Yang Mi should be the most popular. After all, the movie is still in theaters. But starting this year, Yang Mi is a bit different from Zhao Liying, Di Lieba and Yang Zi.

The main issue is the work and development direction. You should be able to notice that, for example, Yang Zi, Di Lieba and Zhao Liying have more or less masterpieces to be launched, and they are very popular this year. Although Yang Mi also has a new work “The Eye of the Storm” is preparing to be broadcast, the broadcast of “The Eye of the Storm” is still far away, and the popularity of the work is not very high.

And it can be found that Zhao Liying is currently filming “Happiness to Ten Thousands”, Dilraba is filming “Taking a Dragon”, and Yang Zi is filming “Female Psychologist”. Three actresses are in the group, but Yang Mi has not yet. The news of the new play entering the group, so in terms of works, it may be slightly behind. And Yang Mi’s development direction is different from them, more fancy variety shows and reality shows.

But it pays too much attention to variety shows. Although it can quickly gain popularity and traffic, it is not helpful for the long-term development of an actor. It can be seen from the poster that although the four actresses are temporarily standing at the same height, Yang Mizhen It’s time to concentrate on the work, because from the “Assassination of the Novelist” we can see that her acting skills are actually very good. If she always shows her face in variety shows, she might really waste such a good talent.

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