Revealing the new xbox at e3 2019

The new Microsoft Xbox will support 8K graphics, SSD storage and Ray Tracing, released next year

Project Scarlett of Microsoft on the new Xbox Console system will be officially launched in the fall of 2020.

Before the E3 event held in Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled the first details of the hardware of the next generation Xbox gaming console. Two Xbox products will be officially released in the fall 2020 next year, with a version that will be similar in design to Xbox One X while the remaining version will be a big step for the console system. The project is known for codename Project Scarlett.

Microsoft unveiled the console with customized Zen 2 CPUs and Radeon RDNA architecture with remarkable potential power, four times more than Xbox One X. Microsoft also said the new Xbox design will use the GDDR6 they give. that "will bring unprecedented resolution and framerate before".

Project Scarlett promises to give console support for 8K gaming, framerate up to 120fps, Ray-tracing and VRR support. Microsoft will also use SSD on Project Scarlett. "We are developing a new generation of SSDs and using them as virtual RAM," said an Xbox spokesman. This can improve performance by 40 times compared to the current Xbox generation and will naturally make game loading speed fast.

In the current context, Sony is also working on PS5 and also said that this gaming console will support 8K graphics, 3D audio, SSD hard drive and backward compatibility with Play Station 4 titles. The PS5 will also be built around the AMD Ryzen 3000 8 in parallel with the GPU supporting Ray-Tracing. Sony also touts the gaming capabilities with up to 120fps framerate.

It seems that the gaming console market is turning strong and changing the stereotype of "ultra-high resolution but only 30 fps" that the international gamers community for this product segment.


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