The new iPod Touch is much more interesting than it looks, which is why - Photo 1.

The new iPod Touch is much more interesting than it looks, which is why

Just looking at the product, many people will frown by the humble features and nothing new to the iPod Touch 2019. It looks exactly like the 2012 version: the same screen size, with the camera, even without Face ID or fingerprint sensor.

But if you look back, iPod Touch is really a great choice for anyone who wants to use Apple's service ecosystem but is not willing to spend a lot of money.

A device running iOS 12 with super cheap price: 199 USD

If you already own a smartphone – assume a decent Android with full functionality and not worth a kidney – and want an iOS device to play writing games for this platform. , or listen to music, or use iOS services such as Apple News +, Apple Arcade …? In that case, the iPod Touch is the device you need to find, and if you don't mind bringing two devices with you, it will be your companion every day, ready to provide everything from Apple.

The new iPod Touch supports FaceTime calling in groups

iPod Touch is very cheap compared to Apple's standard, with prices starting at just 199 USD. The cheapest iPhone you can buy is the iPhone 7, which also uses the A10 Fusion chip, which starts at $ 449. The iPod Touch is cheap enough for an Android user to consider if he wants to find out what the other side is, Apple has.

So with such a modest price, what do you get? iPod Touch is basically an iPhone but does not have a phone function. You will not be able to make regular calls, but if you are connected to Wi-Fi, you will be able to use it to call FaceTime just like on an iPhone (FaceTime calling is also possible).

You will also be able to use Apple's latest mobile platform, iOS 12, and enhanced augmented reality (AR), which the previous generation iPod Touch couldn't do.

It has headphone jack!

There is another advantage of the iPod Touch that you probably haven't noticed (or have forgotten). At 6.1mm thick and weighs only 88 grams, the iPod Touch is extremely thin and light. For comparison, it is 1.6mm thicker than the iPhone XS and half as heavy. Second, unlike the new iPhone models, the iPod Touch has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Entered 2019, and this headphone jack is still extremely useful. If you use a wireless headset, there is no problem, because the iPod Touch supports Bluetooth 4.1.

The new iPod Touch is much more interesting than it looks, which is why - Photo 2.

iPhone XS can't do this!

iPod was born to listen to music, but the iPod Touch is also a gaming machine. At this price, it is a fairly reasonable solution for your kids to play iOS games without spending thousands of money and then accidentally being ruined because they are too excited to play Rayman Jungle Run.

Although the cheapest iPod Touch is definitely the best option, there are many reasons why you should consider the 256GB internal memory version. You will have to spend twice the amount, 399 USD, but remember an iPhone with such internal memory costs up to 749 USD (at the moment, you will not find such an iPhone like that). If you have a huge music store and want a fully functional music player, the iPod Touch 256GB is not a bad choice.

(Note: iPod Touch 2019 is only attractive if you are interested in playing games, because if used to listen to music, it is no different from the previous iPod Touch).

In short: Apple devices are not cheap. Never, and probably never. But some of their biggest advantages are not hardware, but software, as well as Apple's ever-expanding and powerful service ecosystem. The ultra-low price of the iPod Touch, coupled with the still-powerful A10 chip, makes it a perfect device for those who are not interested in the Android vs. controversy. iOS only wants to have a good gaming and music player.

Reference: Mashable

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