The new “fit” is a bargain! ? Advance explanation from price to grade selection

In February 2020, compact cars are likely to attract attention. This is because the new Toyota “Yaris” (successor model of Vitz) will be released on February 10, 2020, and the new Honda “Fit” will be released on February 14.

On February 14, 2020, the new Honda

On February 14, 2020, the new Honda “Fit” will be finally released

Both have begun receiving orders in December 2019, and Yaris has already announced details, including prices, on December 20, 2019. On the other hand, although the price of the fit has not been announced by the manufacturer, Honda dealers have already revealed it. In this article, I would like to explain how to select grades and recommended grades based on the price of the new fit that I independently investigated. First, the price of the new fit is as follows.

■ Honda New Fit Price
-1.3L gasoline engine[2WD]-
・ BASIC (Basic): 1,557,600 yen
・ HOME: 1,718,200 yen
・ NESS (Ness): 1,877,700 yen
・ CROSSTAR: 1,938,200 yen
・ LUXE: 1,977,800 yen

-1.5L hybrid[2WD]-
・ BASIC (Basic): 1,997,600 yen
・ HOME: 2,068,000 yen
・ NESS (Ness): 2,227,500 yen
・ CROSSTAR: 2,288,000 yen
・ LUXE: 2,327,600 yen
* All prices include tax

The new Fit has a lineup of five unique grades

The new Fit has a lineup of five unique grades

The new fit engine lineup will be available in two types: an inline 4-cylinder 1.3L gasoline engine and a newly developed 1.5L hybrid. The hybrid system mounted on the 1.5L hybrid is a type called “i-MMD” equipped with two motors, like “Step WGN” and “Insight”.

The new Fit is priced not too high despite having a high-performance hybrid system. For example, comparing the price of a hybrid and a gasoline engine at CROSSTAR and LUXE, the hybrid is kept at about 350,000 yen higher than the gasoline engine. On the other hand, comparing the price of a step wagon hybrid and a gasoline engine (1.5L turbo), the hybrid is about 500,000 yen higher. For this reason, the new Fit is equipped with a hybrid equipped with the same mechanism as a step wagon etc., for 150,000 yen cheaply.

By the way, this price difference is the same as the price difference between the Toyota Yaris hybrid and 1.5L gasoline engine. The price of the Yaris is about 370,000 yen, but some equipment such as a back guide monitor is substantial, so if you subtract this amount, it will fit in about 350,000 yen.

Also, comparing the e-POWER of a popular Nissan compact car “Note” with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine, the difference in equipment will be about 500,000 yen even if the difference is corrected. e-POWER is a popular and popular model for notebooks, but the balance between functions, equipment and price is cheaper with a 1.2L gasoline engine. Therefore, the gasoline engine of the notebook is cheaper than the new fit, and the e-POWER is higher.

Returning to the new Fit, as mentioned above, the price of a hybrid is about 350,000 yen higher than that of a gasoline engine, but the tax at the time of purchase is 40,000-50,000 yen lower than that of a gasoline engine. In other words, the difference between the final hybrid and gasoline engine will be reduced to around 300,000 yen. In that case, if you think roughly and drive 110,000 to 130,000 km, you can recover the real price difference of about 300,000 yen by the difference in fuel cost. For example, if the mileage per year is 10,000 km, it is difficult to recover the price difference from the hybrid, but if you drive 15,000 km, it will recover in 7 to 9 years. Hybrids have the advantage of smooth acceleration, so there are many opportunities for long-distance travel on expressways, and users who are going to travel a longer distance want to actively consider hybrids. Conversely, if the mileage per year is about 5,000km, a 1.3L gasoline engine will be more affordable.

Next, I want to guide you on the grade of the new fit. In the new fit, five grades are available for both hybrid and gasoline engines.

Honda BASIC grade of new Fit

Honda BASIC grade of new Fit

To begin with, the “BASIC” is a practical-oriented grade, but the “HondaSENSING” safe driving support system, “Side & Curtain Airbag”, and “Electronically Controlled Parking Brake” are standard equipment. The equipment used in BASIC is practical and sufficient.

Honda new

Honda new “fit” “home” grade

“HOME” is the core grade of the new fit, and adds an advanced seat skin with “Genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel” and “Prime Smooth” to BASIC, and an interior with soft pads. When comparing the prices of HOME and BASIC, the price of a gasoline engine is about 160,000 yen higher, but the price of a hybrid is about 70,000 yen. In the case of the hybrid, the price difference narrowed because BASIC is equipped with “LED headlights” and “fully automatic air conditioners” as standard equipment.


Honda “NESS” grade of new “Fit”

“NESS” is a sporty grade with an active atmosphere, with “16 inch aluminum wheels” and “fabric sheet” treated with water repellency. NESS is about 160,000 yen more expensive than HOME.

Honda CROSSTAR grade of new Fit

Honda CROSSTAR grade of new Fit

“CROSSTAR” is an SUV-like grade with a minimum ground clearance of about 30mm higher than other grades. I lifted it by 20mm with the suspension and 10mm depending on the tire size. The CROSSTAR has a different front mask design, with an optional roof rail. A special water-repellent fabric sheet is used for the interior. The price is about 60,000 yen higher than NESS, but the practical equipment contents are similar.

Honda LUXE grade of new Fit

Honda LUXE grade of new Fit

“LUXE” is a luxurious-oriented top-grade grade, which is rich in plating parts both inside and outside. The seat fabric is genuine leather and the aluminum wheels are specially designed. According to the developers, “LUXE is a small luxury car grade, and customers who are downsizing from 3rd number cars etc. are conscious.” The price is 40,000 yen higher than CROSSTAR.

Depending on the grade, optional parts such as “LED headlights” and “aluminum wheels” are available, but there are fewer types compared to conventional models. This is because the number of options is reduced by preparing five types of grades such as BASIC and HOME in advance for the new fit. Behind this is the goal of simplifying ordering between distributors and manufacturers by reducing the combination of grades and options.

The Honda

The Honda “Fit” has many grades prepared in advance and reduces the number of options

Next, let’s consider selecting a grade for the new fit. First, if you want to keep the price low, I would recommend the BASIC 1.3L gasoline engine (1,557,600 yen). Recently, the number of compact cars that can be easily obtained at 1.5 million yen has decreased due to the advancement of safety equipment and the rise of the consumption tax to 10%. The successive fits, including the new model, have a fuel tank mounted under the front seats, so the rear seats and luggage compartment are wide and easy to use, so BASIC’s 1.3L gasoline engine can be said to be cheap for its functions and equipment. . The price is the same as tall minicars such as the Honda “N-BOX G / L HondaSENSING” and the Daihatsu “Tanto X”. It can be said that it is the cheapest family car.

The best grade of Honda's new

The best grade of Honda’s new “Fit” is “HOME” equipped with 1.3L gasoline engine

The best grade of the new fit is the “HOME” 1.3L gasoline engine (1,718,200 yen). Aluminum wheels are also available as a manufacturer option, and the quality and equipment of the interior and exterior can be further enhanced. We also recommend the HOME hybrid (2,068,000 yen) for users who travel around 15,000km a year. The price is a bit high for a compact car, but it has the features and equipment that match it.

If you use Honda’s new “Fit” for outdoor activities, consider “CROSSTAR” with high minimum ground clearance

If you value the coolness of the exterior or want to use it as a play tool, you should consider the 1.3L gasoline engine of “CROSSTAR” (1,938,200 yen). The minimum ground clearance is raised by 30mm, so it is easy to get over rough roads. I would like to consider 4WD if necessary. If the mileage increases, a 1.5-liter hybrid (2,288,000 yen) is also attractive.


Honda’s “LUXE”, the highest grade of the new “Fit”, offers a high-quality interior that goes beyond compact cars

If you’re looking for a sense of luxury, it’s a premium LUXE hybrid (2,327,600 yen). The new Fit has a large living space, so if you combine high-quality interior and exterior and genuine leather seats, you should be able to get the satisfaction of a middle-size sedan. In particular, the new Fit has improved riding comfort, and the hybrid has been polished for improved functionality with quietness and smooth acceleration. LUXE is the strongest part of this achievement. Although the price is high, it has the unique charm of a fit and you can get the best compact car.

The new fit has a wide range of functions, including safety equipment, is available in a variety of grades, and is inexpensive. There is no doubt that it has become a compact car worth choosing.


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