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The new drama is over, Zhao Liying goes online for photos, and the shoes are hotly discussed. Is this the greatest respect for rural people?

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Some time ago, I have paid attention to Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo sharing her new play. The work “You Fei” is a collaboration with Wang Yibo. The cooperation between the two people in the play is indeed very surprising. Zhao Liying herself has the title of queen of ratings. In addition, in recent years, people are very low-key, so there are still a lot of fans.

Liying brought everyone a lot of surprises in this play. I can feel that Yingbao’s career is very smooth. In addition, there will also be concerns about Zhao Liying’s new play after the end of this play. Shooting. I have paid special attention to Zhao Liying. This time I entered the group to shoot the film “Happy to Ten Thousands”. Most people were very excited when the official announcement was made.

In previous years, when Zhao Liying filmed his works, they were mainly idol dramas, but although the film “Happy to Ten Thousands” was led by director Zheng Xiaolong, it was also a bit of a rural love scene after all, so many netizens saw it. I feel a little afraid that Zhao Liying will overturn the car during the transition and affect the future development!

However, Zhao Liying has acting skills and always stands out, I believe Ying Bao will definitely bring you many surprises. And after a few months passed, Zhao Liying’s shooting process on the film side was also perfectly completed. I have paid special attention to the fact that when Zhao Liying posted her final photo this time, the female artists around her were also very outstanding.

Working together is definitely a talented and very good lady. Looking at Zhao Liying and everyone, she is very grounded, and she does not feel like a big name. In addition, she also saw Zhao Liying go online this time. The styles of clothes in the play are very simple and more rural.

However, when shooting scenes, the actor’s upper body is usually the main body, but Zhao Liying arranged a whole set of looks to cater to the role. When she saw the shoes Zhao Liying was wearing, everyone was excited. Generally, artists will choose more comfortable shoes, even if they do not fit the roles in the play, but they will still be willful, but Zhao Liying’s dedicated attitude makes her circle of fans again.

Look at the shoes Zhao Liying wore in the countryside are very simple white shoes. Such shoes may be a pair that many people will have. They seem simple, but in fact, Zhao Liying is also very big-name. The overall feeling is particularly in place. Many people couldn’t help but ridicule Zhao Liying’s operation this time as the greatest respect for the rural people.

Speaking of which, Zhao Liying has also been a very favorite female artist in recent years. Every time she goes online, she can make people’s eyes shine. I said that today’s wave of operations has made audience friends deepen a good impression of him. I believe that in the future, Zhao Liying, there will be many passersby fans who will be conquered by his strength and slowly fall in love with him. If you have any thoughts after reading it, please leave a message below to discuss it. The picture is from the Internet. If infringement, please be in time Contact delete.



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