The neck also unzipped the pants, the middle school student met a wolf in the classroom-Lianhe Daily

A female student from a middle school in the foothills of the mountain reported that a 20-year-old man was necked in the classroom. The man even unzipped his pants in the process.

The 14-year-old female student of Chinese descent reported on Friday (17th) that at about 6.30 am on Friday, when she was in the classroom, suddenly a Indian man in a black shirt and around 20 came to the classroom and asked She presents a piece of paper and asks if she knows which class the student writes on.

According to the report, after the victim indicated that he did not know, the man suddenly pulled the victim’s collar and let the victim be quiet, otherwise he would kill her. The man then unzipped his pants, the victim shouted in fright, and the man then grabbed the victim from behind Neck to force the victim to calm down.

However, the victim continued to shout loudly, while the man held his neck tightly and pulled the victim’s hair vigorously, warning the victim not to tell anyone about it. The victim asked the man not to hurt her, and the man then fled the scene.

The frightened victim asked the teacher and school inspector for help, and went to the Weizhong Police Headquarters to report the case.

Assistant Commissioner Nie Ross, the director of the Weizhong Police District, confirmed that the victim had been reported when questioned. The police cited Article 14 (a) of the Child Sexual Assault Crime Act 2017 to investigate. The police are pursuing the suspect and the victim who was in Secondary 2 was not injured.

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