National Guard soldiers pass in front of the US Congress building, January 17.  Photo: AP.

The National Guard held Washington to the impeachment trial of Trump

5,000 US National Guardsmen will remain in Washington until mid-March due to security concerns during the impeachment trial of Trump.

With the majority of the 26,000 National Guard soldiers returning home after taking part in defending President Joe Biden’s inauguration, federal law enforcement officials last week issued a request to maintain a share of this force in Washington, 4 sources said.

About 5,000 soldiers will continue to protect the US parliament building from “security concerns” as the impeachment trial takes place against former President Donald Trump, including the risk of mass protests when The Senate opened the trial from February 9.

The National Guard said that it had not been given information about the extension of the deployment. “This is not a war zone, so combat conditions should not be applied,” said one National Guard, saying that some of the members did not “voluntarily” extend the duration of the mission. in Washington.

According to the plan, about 7,000 soldiers will continue to hold the capital for security and riot duty until early February, then drop to about 5,000 by the time the impeachment trial begins.

“We are not going to let any more surprises,” said a National Guard, referring to the lack of preparation during the riots in the US parliament building on Jan. 6. Many are concerned about the danger of turmoil on March 4, when some far-right conspiracy theorists QAnon believe it is time Trump will take office for the second time.

Congressional police and the US National Guard did not comment on the information.

National Guard soldiers pass in front of the US Congress building, January 17. Image: AP.

The National Guard was deployed to Washington, DC after the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill, when fanatic Trump supporters stormed inside the building as MPs testified the results of the election. The US House of Representatives began the impeachment process of Trump a week later, accusing the former US president of “deliberately inciting rebellion”.

About 25,000 US National Guard soldiers participated in security during President Biden’s inauguration on January 20, to prevent “similar attacks” riots in the parliament building. Some guards said they had not seen any acts of violence to date.

A National Guard said that it had not received notification of any specific threats from the US military, and instead was concerned by the federal government about “the danger of further instability”. The far-right militia is the biggest cause of this concern, he said.

Many soldiers of the National Guard were dismayed, some reported that they had to be fully equipped and stood guard for hours, food and water were limited, had to wait a few hours to get on the bus to their accommodation and sleep. few. Some have to buy food with their own money when daily meals do not provide enough energy for them, meals are difficult to reach their hands due to logistics and transportation problems.

The US National Guard also struggled to cope with the Covid-19 without a clear testing regime and some soldiers were forced to leave the quarantine area ahead of time. At least 200 soldiers were positive for nCoV, and hundreds of other soldiers were quarantined due to close contact with the case.

Nguyen Tien (According to the Politico)


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