The mystery of the 12 hats in the game and how to collect it

In this article, we will show you how you can collect all 12 hats in the popular puzzle adventure game Little Nightmares II.

Little Nightmares II is one of the most prominent names in the gaming industry for several weeks now. In the game, the player will control the Mono box-top kid to overcome the challenges with the help of her companion Six. Mono is called the box-headed kid because this boy always wears a square paper bag, at least until you find other hats.

There are currently a total of 12 hats that you can own in Little Nightmares II, one of which is Paper Bag Hat, the paper bag that Mono has available at the beginning of the game. The remaining caps are scattered throughout Pale City and are also quite easy to get, but there are many placed in locations that the player is often not aware of. So in today’s article, we will show you how to get all the exponents in Little Nightmares II.

# 1: Mokujin Mask

This cute hat looks like a marshmallow made of wood, with two pretty little leaves growing on it. According to the legend of the game, the Mokujin Mask is carved from an ancient tree two thousand years old, but it does not bring any special powers or abilities to Mono. It’s a bit of a pity that only people who have subscribed to Little Nightmares II can get the Mokujin Mask.

# 2: Fur hat

You can find this traditional Indian hat in the first act. When you enter The Hunter’s house, walk out of the kitchen, go down a bit and enter the room to the left. Coonskin Cap is neatly placed in the middle of the room, very easy, right?

# 3: Nomes’ Hat

This pointed hat is your reward for completing the Nome’s Attic expansion pack. Players who have already installed the DLC can find Nome’s Hat in the loft area of ​​the first level.

After climbing up to the loft in The Hunter’s house, explore around to find a way to get the key hanging from a hook. Then you just need to open the wooden cabinet and a Nome will appear and start to run away, chase him and you will find Nomes’ Hat. Of course you still have to solve a gentle puzzle to get the hat, after all this is still Little Nightmares II.

# 4: Tourist Panama

Made from a seemingly nylon-like material with an eye-catching yellow color, this hat immediately made One think of Six’s raincoats. You can find Tourist Panama after escaping from The Hunter’s pursuit.

After crossing the broken bridge, Mono will go to an area with many iron cages. Climb up on cages that are leaning against the tree, from there jump onto the suspended cage and jump continuously on it until it falls to the ground.

# 5: Ripped Ball

This hat is actually a tattered ball, with such a dark brown color, the beetle thought this could be an ancient football. You can find the Ripped Ball in the school playground on stage two. Next to the door is a trash can and this hat sits on it.

# 6: Tin Can

This hat (you could call it a butter tube or can of milk) can be found in the library in act two. You can get Tin Can easily, just push the ladder closer to the hat and climb up.

# 7: Teddy Bear’s Head

According to Moi, this is the most creepy looking hat in the game, the teddy bear head has lost an eye and looked very sad. The bosses looked shivered enough and then added this hat.

You can get the Teddy Bear’s Head in stage three in the hospital children’s playroom (?). In the room filled with stuffed animals, toys and doodles of eyes and Thin Man, climb up to the cupboard on the right and Teddy Bear’s Head is on top of it.

# 8: Mummy Wrappings

This hat will make Mono’s head look like a real mummy. You can find the Mummy Wrappings in the morgue in the hospital, just open the cupboard door next to the sink and you’ll find this hat in it.

# 9: Postman Cap

After leaving the hospital, Mono will possess the ability to teleport through the television screen. Eventually you will arrive at an area full of parcels and letters at the top of level four. There will be a gap between the floor, jump down and go to the left, you will find a hidden tunnel with Postman Cap in it.

# 10: Gatsby Hat

Also in the fourth act is the Gatsby Hat, the 19th century messenger boy’s hat. You can find this hat in the toy store area, bring the trolley to the left and Use it to climb onto the shelves. Gatsby Hat is on top of a few packages and is quite difficult to see because the color is similar to the surrounding environment.

# 11: Fedora

You do not need to search for anything more because this hat is a reward for you after completing the game.

Little Nightmares II is a horror puzzle adventure game that is praised by many gamers. Not only because of the interesting puzzles and creepy moments, but also an extremely attractive story that many gamers spend time speculating about the true story of Mono and Six.

You can read the review of Little Nightmares II here or learn more about the story of this game on the Youtube page of Game Game.

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