The Myanmar army gave a new order

The Myanmar army gave a new order

Reuters reported that the Myanmar Army suspended the implementation of a number of regulations restricting the search and arrest of people by security forces without a court decision.

Under an order signed by the Commander of the Myanmar Armed Forces – General Min Aung Hlaing on February 13, three parts of the law on “protecting the privacy and security of citizens” will be temporarily no longer in effect. .

These sections include provisions requiring a 24-hour arrest of a person requiring a court order and a restriction on the powers of security forces to access a citizen’s private home to search or arrest a person. .

Myanmar’s military also reinstated a law that requires residents to report overnight visitors to their homes, as police are still chasing supporters of this month’s anti-coup protests. These regulations were previously abolished by the former civilian government led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

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Burmese people raised banners demanding the military to release Aung San Suu Kyi on a pedestrian flyover. Photo: 7DAY NEWS

In this amendment of the Myanmar Army’s law, people will face a fine or imprisonment if they do not report guests to local authorities.

The Myanmar army on 1/2 launched a flash coup, arresting State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and a series of government officials. Thousands of Burmese have taken to the streets over the past few days to protest in protest of the coup, in defiance of curfew and military restrictions.

When anti-coup protests broke out in Yangon’s largest city, the capital Naypyitaw and elsewhere on Saturday, the Myanmar Army said arrest warrants had been issued against seven critics of the military regime. social media.

The Myanmar Army’s True News news group also asked people to notify the police if they found any of the people listed above and would be punished for hiding it.

The United States, Great Britain, the United Nations and the European Union have condemned the Myanmar Army’s coup, calling on the country’s army to soon return power to the civilian government. New Zealand was the first foreign government to take concrete action against the Myanmar coup, announcing a cessation of high-level military and political contact with Myanmar.

Meanwhile, China proved more cautious, emphasizing the importance of stability, calling on the international community not to “aggravate tensions and complicate the Myanmar situation”. Some Chinese state media called the military takeover call “cabinet reform”.

However, China agreed to the UN Security Council statement calling for the release of Ms. Suu Kyi and the arrested officials and expressed concern about the state of emergency.



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