The most sensitive national drama of the year, some people swear swearing in two minutes after watching it

The most sensitive national drama of the year, some people swear swearing in two minutes after watching it

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Unexpectedly, Uncle Yu was on top of a “Small Breaking Drama”.

It is very short, as short as 5 minutes per episode.

It’s very rigid and sensitive topics in Jiji.

You can even book this year’s “most daring” domestic drama.


Feel for a few clips-

The subway cars are covered with slogans saying “Watch out for female gangsters.”

A man was still being assaulted, and he was accused of being too revealing afterwards.

Young men are deeply anxious about their appearance, regularly hair removal, maintenance, yoga classes, and body management.

There is even a special male Durban to educate men to be gentle, courteous, frugal and conciliatory.

At first glance, you might think the plot is a bit outrageous.

So, might as well reverse the gender settings in the above scenes.

Is it very real?

These plots are all from a new domestic drama——

“The Other Half of Me and You”

The biggest highlight of “The Other Half of Me and You” is the high concept mentioned at the beginning:

Men and women, social status and identity rights swaps.

This concept is borrowed from the French film “Men Must Love Himself”.

However, in the handling of the script, localized adaptations were made.

“Men must love themselves”

The reason why this drama is bold is that in the current Internet public opinion, the topic of gender is comparable to a gunpowder barrel, and it explodes at one point.

A good shot can inspire thinking and ease the contradiction between the sexes;

If it is smashed, it is offending two groups of people at the same time.

Douban’s score of 8+ shows that “The Other Half of Me and You” is done well.

But naturally, there are a lot of curses.

Some extreme people even spoke outrageously and gave a star.

Uncle Yu is here to talk about this drama today.

As for the boasting or scolding, the decision is left to you.

The premise is to stay rational.

“The Other Half of Me and You” is a miniseries.

There are a total of 32 episodes, but each episode is less than 5 minutes, and the total duration is only one movie.

The convergence rhythm of the upper and lower episodes is very fast, suitable for finishing in one breath.

The actor Gao Zirui (played by Liu Ruilin) ​​is a captain and a “sea king”.

Dealing with feelings is always a matter of heart and soul.

At his birthday party, he aimed at a new goal, Xiaoxiao (Dyess), a well-behaved post-it girl.

With Jiujin, Xiaoxiao was brought to the bathroom with half a push and a half.

Just as Gao Zirui wanted to go further, he suddenly fainted.

After waking up, he traveled to a world where gender culture was inverted:

Women are supreme and men are the weaker side.

Gao Zirui looked in the mirror and was startled by the smoky makeup on his face.

Walking out of the bathroom, I saw men in shorts all scratching their heads on the dance floor.

After coming out of the bar, he touched his pocket and the cigarette turned into a tissue.

On the road, he was molested by several locomotive sisters.

His head was a little dazed, and he couldn’t figure out the situation for the time being.

When I got home, I saw my father sitting on the sofa knitting a sweater, waiting for him in the middle of the night.

Gao Zirui couldn’t believe the world before him.

Thought it was a dream, or a tricky reality show.

He tried every means to cross back.

Some methods are still “movie fans”, such as the Moonlight Treasure Box crossing in “A Westward Journey” and the piano crossing in “Secrets That Cannot Be Said”.

But all failed.

No way, he had to admit his fate and stay in this world.

Tribute to “Secrets That Cannot Be Said”

His identity is no longer the captain, but the little brother of the flight attendant who has just been dumped by the captain.

Fortunately, he once again met Xiaoxiao who was making each other before crossing——

In this world, she became Jacky, the boss of a well-known technology company.

Gao Zirui thought that as long as he had a close relationship with Jacky again, he might have a chance to return to the original world.

So he tried to get close to Jacky and went to Jacky’s company to apply for a technician.

At the same time learn to adapt to the rules of this world.

Men have to meet the expectations from society and their relatives, just to avoid being gossiped about in this feminist society.

Gao Zirui followed Jacky, before and after the horse, planning to take the position step by step.

The other men around Jacky felt the crisis.

In order to avoid falling out of favor, I renewed the beauty salon annual card and worked harder than before.

Oh, “female competition” has become “male competition”.

The plot has progressed to this point, which is the completion of the early stage world view construction.

The tricky way to deal with the gunpowder-filled subject of “gender relations” is to make it comedic.

The first half of “The Other Half of Me and You” is the sand sculpture insensible style.

Create laughter through the “humble” behavior of men in front of women.

After all, if you want to make people think, you must first attract the audience to watch it.

Uncle Yu is in this way.


The more I look back, the less I can laugh, and I realize that this drama is not simple.

“The Other Half of Me and You” is by no means a comedy for spoofing.

As the plot deepens, it gradually reveals the “true face” of the satire.

In the play, imaginary feminism is used to allude to the machismo that exists in reality.

When the gender privileges of men are transferred to women.

The prejudice and discrimination suffered by women have also been transferred to men.

The reason why the script can give people a sense of substitution is that——

These plots are supported by a large number of real cases in real life and news reports.

For example, the very common “victim guilt theory”.

Gao Zirui walked alone at night and was stopped by a group of locomotive girls halfway and was touched on the subway.

Instead, he was reprimanded: “You dress so revealing that you commit crimes.”

Even the relatives around him said the same to him.

In reality, this phenomenon is still commonplace.

There is a similar statement in the movie “Jin Zhiying Born in 1982”:

“Girls must be careful in everything, dress conservatively, behave carefully, and avoid danger by yourself, otherwise you do not do well.”

This will cause secondary psychological harm to the victim.

But the fact is that as long as the perpetrator deliberately violated it, no matter what the woman wears, it is the same.

The real issue that should be paid attention to is how to create a safer social environment.

Reject the “the victim’s guilt theory” (Image source @央视新闻)

For example, common words during blind dates.

Always start with “I am not young anymore”, and then make a long list of requests.

From getting married and having children, to resigning to take care of the children at home, to the education of the children.

In just a few words, we plan for the next 20 to 30 years.

It seems that the blind date is just to find a nanny and tutor.

Another example is the severe employment discrimination.

Gao Zirui went to apply for a technician, and the professional-related issues were just a brief pass.

Then focus on private life issues:

“Have a girlfriend?”

“Are there any plans to get married and have children in recent years?”

“If a customer makes a special request for you, can you accept it?”

It’s suffocating.

In reality, the unfair treatment of women in the workplace is also a common phenomenon.

In 2015, a survey conducted by the All-China Women’s Federation in a number of colleges and universities showed:

86.6% of female college students have experienced gender discrimination in recruitment.

(Image source @央视新闻)

There are also some other scattered network concepts, all of which are gender swapped in the play——

Men are strong, and are born to watch their children do housework;

“Widowed childcare” has been redefined as the father taking the child alone;

But men are also required to have their own careers after marriage;

In the male ethics class on the blackboard, the word “Xian” was even replaced by a single person next to the female word;

The advertisement of the fast food restaurant “I am from snack to big” refers to the advertisement of a certain brand of coconut milk;

The slogan of the men’s plastic surgery advertisement is “Men are only perfect when they are beautiful”, and it also contains an advertisement of a well-known medical beauty brand “Women are perfect when they are whole.”

The above plot is almost true after the gender is reversed.

“The Other Half of Me and You” uses a high-concept setting to ironically reveal the status quo of women in the real world with persuasive examples.

Use magic to defeat magic, and use stereotypes to fight back against stereotypes.

As stated in the comments:

“If you feel uncomfortable watching this drama, it will explain the current inequality between men and women in society.”

In fact, it’s not difficult to understand why someone scolds this drama.

Because I felt offended.

Either he was hit by words, or he was hurt by mistake.


Regardless of the type, provoking contradictions between the sexes is by no means the purpose of this show.

Because in the play, we can also see that no matter what kind of social form, if one party completely overrides the other, it will only lead to a common tragedy for both parties.

“The Other Half of Me and You” is not a delusion to build a society of female dignity.

It is to use this to elicit everyone’s thinking about “equality between men and women.”

It is not male power, nor female power, but equal power.

“The Story of the Editorial Department”

That’s why there is the last magical touch of the whole play-

Jacky also traveled to the world where Gao Zirui was originally due to an accident.

It is conceivable that Jacky, who grew up in a feminist society, would naturally not be willing to be excluded and oppressed.

When she tried to resist, she found that none of the women around her dared to stand up.

So, she said to her colleagues:

“The most insidious behavior of a man is to lead a woman to laugh at herself.”

At the last moment, when the two worlds overlapped, Gao Zirui and Jacky met again.

That scene also symbolizes the beautiful yearning for equality between men and women.

The so-called equality refers to different genders and equal personalities.

The world of women is as vast as that of men, and no one hinders the realization of self-worth because of gender.

On March 8 this year, CCTV News issued an article saying that “gender prejudice is a shackle for men and women.”

Some examples are listed in the article:

Girls are not suitable for science?

Studies have shown that gender does not affect the brain’s bias towards subjects.

Are “female drivers” road killers?

Statistics show that the crime rate per 10,000 people is 8.8 times that of male drivers than female drivers.

(Image source @人民日报)

When some extremists stigmatize women’s rights protection, don’t forget:

Gender prejudice is also a kind of shackles for men.

Men must be “masculine”, not “soft”?

Is the male in charge of the outside, the female in charge of the inside, and the house husband is cast aside?

Under the established framework and prejudice, everyone is deprived of too many possibilities.

“Gender prejudice is a shackle for men and women” (Image source @央视新闻)

The true equality of men and women is not binary opposition, but pluralism.

It is to put aside the shackles of gender identity, everyone is treated as a completely independent individual.

Everyone is doing what he likes, and he won’t be made irresponsible remarks because of his gender.

It is what Li Yinhe wrote in “My View on Women”:

“It is not in favor of the absolute reduction of female characteristics as physical, irrational, gentle, maternal, dependent, emotional, subjective, lacking abstract thinking ability;

The male characteristics are summarized as spiritual, rational, brave, aggressive, independent, rational, objective, and good at abstract analysis and speculation.

Every male individual and every female individual are very different and diverse. “

So, as long as we have not reached this state.

Dramas like “The Other Half of Me and You” have meaning.


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