The most prominent photography trends of 2020

The most prominent photography trends of 2020

1. Vivid color


Bold, bright, and vibrant colors are sure to make your images stand out. With an emphasis on bold and saturated colors, vibrant colors allow designers and photographers to easily arrange ad layouts such as flowers, food, and people – in an abstract and attractive way. lead over.


2. Minimalist Photography (Minimalist)


The minimalistic style expresses the diverse artistic trends, especially in visual art. Minimalist photos contain pure and condensed messages, sometimes feeling lonely and empty.

Extending beyond the scope of photography and design, the minimalist trend is a stream of fresh air welcomed by many, providing the sense of balance and tranquility we all have been looking for.

3. Surrealism Photography – The art of surrealism

Photographer: Tim Tadder

Depicting a spoiled world – photographers give the viewer a perspective on their fantasy world. In that world, everything is “something wrong” with the current situation: a giraffe growing out of a tree, a giant rock-wearing elephant on its back or a little girl standing alone in the middle of the Valley. Arid death …

A big trend throughout 2020, smoke bombs and smoke effects are a great way to add a sense of surrealism to your composition. The combination of surreal color palettes and dreamy smoke patterns can add an enchanting element to your photos, as seen in Tim Tadder’s astonishing work.


Floating objects are another effective way to incorporate a sense of surrealism into your work. This technique, creating the illusion of objects suspended in time and space.

4. Authentic Photography


Free from our obsession for perfection, Authentic Photography has become a huge trend this year and one that will continue to grow.

Today, when social networks develop. People gradually prefer to live “virtual” more and forget the inherent real values. The images shared on social networks are too well-edited and edited and lack of authenticity. However, there are still groups of people who love the authenticity and nature that is why Authentic Photography is loved. Authentic Photography gives viewers realism in images and emotions.

5. Take portrait photos


With the rapid growth of smartphones and social media, vertical imagery – a framing option often reserved for portrait photography – is quickly becoming the preferred photo orientation for many photographers.

While heavily influenced by the popularity of Instagram Stories and TikTok, the effects of social simplification and working from home have undoubtedly led to an increase in the number of people joining these mxh and self-creation. use on mobile devices at home, which is only driving this burgeoning trend.

6. Macro, 360 and aerial photography


As technology continues to grow exponentially, photographers are constantly striving to capture the world from different perspectives. Discovering things that cannot be seen with the naked eye, drones, 360-degree cameras and macro lenses have become more popular as they become cheaper and easier to buy, hence a wide range of stunning photos and unique perspective.


Aerial photography allows us to see stunning, naturally occurring structures in the world around us that we cannot see from the ground, while Macro photography explores abstract compositions image when it is enlarged.


On the other hand, 360-degree photography challenges our perceptions by warping our perspective to creatively transform the landscape into something completely different.

7. Retro / Vintage Photography


Retro trends have completely exploded over the past year, seeing a resurgence of nostalgic aesthetics, warm tones and similarly styled photography. The film’s vibrant tonal quality is now reproduced in digital photography, allowing you to edit photos after the fact, or even take Polaroid or 35mm photos from the comfort of your smartphone. friend. With an array of beautiful vintage effects like sepia tones, flares, film effects, scratches, contours and LUTs reminiscent of past photos, the retro photography trend has really exploded. this year – especially on social media and music photography.

Reference: Envato


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